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ultimate game card and world of tank thief

world of tank thief

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Abdullahaman #1 Posted 07 September 2014 - 07:07 PM


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I use ultimate game card 2 time first one in July and 2nd one Aug both almost have value of 200 euro.About 4 days ago world of tank blocked my account i send them a ticket why you guys blocked my account they said your payment got charge pay that's why.I said to my self OK maybe card did not work i ask them what i do know they said send us 118 euro 18 euro as plenty i said OK that was nigh when i talk to them in the morning they said because July payment also got charge back now you have to pay 270$ in one night there amount got changed if they did not check the payment July how that will be my fault they allowed the payment through ultimate game card if company did not gave them money how it is my fault and ultimate game card also do not gave me my money back


Jack Sparodz 05 September 2014 14:44

Dear Commander Abdullahaman,

Thank you for coming back to us.

After investigating your case, seems there is only 2 options here :

• You can contact Ultimate, asking for a different payment method.

• Via our Premium, using UltimatePay as a payment method, buy goods for 99.99 EUR + 18 EUR (for the chargeback fees) and contact us again.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Jack Sparodz
Customer Service Wargaming Europe

Si vis pacem Para bellum

Because we consider your feedback crucial in helping us improve the quality of our services, please, take a few minutes to fill in the survey you will have access to once this ticket is closed.

Jiří Čech Yesterday at 11:58

Hello Abdullahaman,

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that you have to pay more now.
I have checked what has happened and I can see that there was another chargeback happening yesterday. That is why you have to pay 270 USD now.
Please bear in mind that the best way is to ask PlaySpan directly, as they know exactly how much you need to pay at any given moment. Therefore please follow their instructions.

Let us know when everything is settled!

Kind regards,
Jiří Čech
CS Team - Wargaming Europe

Thank you in advance for filling in the survey you will soon have access to. It will help us improve greatly the quality of our services. 



please help me


BravelyRanAway #2 Posted 07 September 2014 - 07:37 PM


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I don't know why you think that WG(World of Tanks) are thieves in this case.

WG cannot instigate a charge back as they are not the customer/broker, this is squarely at the feet of Playspan and UltimatePay.

Infact WG make no money at all out of this at all...in fact it has cost them money in bank fees....how does that make them thieves?


Have you contacted Playspan or UltimatePay as you were advised? It is they who are at fault here.

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