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Making sound mods [ HOW TO ]

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AgentBuBu #1 Posted 08 September 2014 - 06:11 PM


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Few days ago i was wondering how cool could it be to edit the gun sound of my WZ-120 with one that sounds like a 155mm thundering gun sound. So i went to WoT/res/audio and i tried to find my gun but i couldn't find it. So i downloaded a sound mod, and i saw that there was a sound for all types of guns from 20mm to 240mm and i found my 120mm one. It was in a .fsb format, so i went to google and found a program that opens this type of file. Then i went to Google and searched for some ways to edit that file. I only found that u can't edit them ; u can only create new ones which can be made by the way u want. So i tried to follow some tutorials about how to do but it was worthless. There were something like 60 guns that u have to search for a sound for each of them, and i was just like "dafuq", i just want to edit only one of them not the whole bunch. 

Now here comes my question. Is there prossible to edit a .fsb file ( an easier way ), to change the gun sound with a mp3/wav/ogg/etc. file, i mean something like u can copy/paste and that's it or create an .fsb file that can replace the old one with the new sound u want to have idk. 

Any ideeas are welcome and i hope there is a way to do what i want to do.


Thanks for allowing a part of ur time to read this thread.

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