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Petrov_BG #1 Posted 09 September 2014 - 10:41 PM


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The following is not spam, it's just inviting you try out a brand new game. Unlike WoT, not everyone has the money for advertising. All I'm doing here is passing our invitations. No harm or offence intended.


So, just a few days ago, a new browser base Nation Simulator game was launched. It barely has less then 500 players, that's not to say its amateur:




The game itself has many features, which I will explain in the following bullet points. 


- Military: Firstly, they have tanks. Unlike the large and frankly outdated browser based sims, A.H offers a advanced military combat simulation. So if for example you decide to declare war on a foe, you would have the power to use your navy, armoured, air, land, and missile forces. Pretty unheard of for browser base simulators.


- Economy: If you're wise enough, you can successfully build an unrivalled economic power. Your nation could industrialised or commercialised depending on your stand point. The more you invest in your economy, the more you in return pocket.


- Population: You, via some resources and money, will gradually be able to grow your population via residential investments. This of course benefits the economy and military, but you must insure you purchase land to give your subjects space to live in.


- Commerce: A.H is also one of the few that offer a trade system on Nation Sims. If you have a surplus of say, Uranium, and a nation seeking to build nuclear weapons is at hand, why not pocket some economic gain at the expense of global security? Or, if you need oil, why not purchase some from an oil reach nation? Trade is wonderful.


- UN: A.H also has it's own version to the UN, the world assembly. Here you can vote on how to annex developing nations or how to increase the economic benefit from brutal infections. In essence, a more effective version to the UN.


- Government: You can elect your own government, whether it be Commies or Conservatives, you have the choice on how your nation sits on the political scale. You can also bring in laws that vary in benefits, socially, economically and militarily.


Anyway, my point is this is a new free game that is open to all. Come and give it arty and see what you like. It doesn't cost anything to sign up nor much time:




If you have any questions once you have arrives, please contact me here:




I to see you there Maus and Tigers...



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