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Need help with translator

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tomkrist #1 Posted 10 September 2014 - 09:28 AM


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I am making a red tomato song. I have written it in English, and as you understand that is not
my main language. So i need help from you to translate this correctly.

It would really be helpful. Its a rock song in a fast tempo and i promise to link it here
after i have played it in:)) Here is the text and remember, the word fits with the song so if
there is anything that needed to be corrected, please have that in my(that it must fit).


I am a red , dead tomato:


Standing up from my bed i get ready.
To bring out frustation for a lot of players.
I start the game called world of tanks
to bring out my play for a loosers round.


I pick up my fast tank called t-fifty
and squises the gas to the very limit.
Out in the field you will see me burn
as the bullets reaches for my sweet brown back.


I am a red , red tomato
I am a red, dead tomato
I am a red, bad tomato
I am a noob!


There is nothing like a stalking on my team pretenders
To push theme trough the bush while they fight for theire life
They give me a warning on my very style,just to see me reporting
 for a teamkiller bad.


I love to run trough the line of arty.
And hunt theme down while i eat my sandwitches.
When they kill me i dont give a shitt,because
i only care for another bloody kick!

ref with talks)


ref break


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