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The T37 and new M24 Chaffee

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distrofijus #61 Posted 27 October 2014 - 11:06 AM

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The real DPM is not the theoretical one (how many shells are leaving the barrel), but practical one - how many of your shells hit and penetrate target. Azakow used/still is playing chaffee to death and he prefers using vstab isntead of rammer on close combat (shooting on the move), so while there's a loss in theoretical DPM, you are doing a lot better with hitting/damaging with more shots.


The close range engagement usually means snapshotting quite a lot. Either way, it's usually not about vehicle, it's more about preferred play style. Also it does not matter much, it's only tier 5. If this vehicle not keeper, the grind to tier 6 is short so it's not worth overthinking.

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