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SSD-A Sensha-do Alliance thread

SSD SSD-A Senshado Sensha-do Girls und Panzer GuP

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Gilran #1 Posted 30 September 2014 - 01:04 PM


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Greetings, welcome to the SSD-A ( Sensha-do Alliance ) thread.


SSD ( Sensha-do ) translates as "Panzerfahren", it is a "sport" practiced by girls in the anime "Girls und Panzer".


In short, it is a sport where a group of girls from a high school ( or academy ) drives world war II tanks and does tank battles against other high schoolers / academiers. Each high school/Academy has it's own country-based tanks and stereotypes.


SSD-A is more of a community than a real alliance, the concept was "once upon a time" created in the SEA servers ( South east asia ). It's purpose is to have funny relations between the clans in the alliance, ( such as tournaments and random SSD matches ) and some other casual random things between "alliance members".


Rules of the thread : No hentai, echi can be tolerated until a certein level. No political or religion talks. Just talk of anything while keeping those rules in mind ( jokes can be understood until it reaches a certein level ).


Ignore any lolers, trollers or such people who starts posting in the thread. Just have fun between you keeping out any lolers/trollers.


( If you have anything to ask then pm me. )


Please keep in mind that this is still a project.


Any Girls und Panzer related clans who wants to join the alliance just has to talk to me in private message.


Any non-girls und panzer related clans ( still bein anime related clans ) who wants to join the alliance has to talk to me in private message to see if they still can join it ( your clan must be based on a country )

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