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Sold prem

Sold Prem

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patrykb2002 #1 Posted 11 October 2014 - 10:43 AM

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You Can Restore Prem Tank Once If You Acidentally Sold it Hope Helps people that didnt see This Thanks For This WG


 u can find that on this https://eu.wargaming...premium-vehicle


they say

Every player should always keep in mind that their account is their responsibility. To sell a tank, plane or any other vehicle in our games, you have to confirm the action via the pop up window. However some situations can create accidents, such as similar tank names. We understand how inconvenient these situations can be and are always working to provide you with the best service possible.

We can offer our players an exceptional one time restoration of a sold premium vehicle. We can only restore one premium tank or plane per account, that was sold within the last two months, and we can only perform this action once. You will need to have an available garage / hangar slot and the vehicle selling cost in credits. We will verify that you had and sold the premium vehicle in question, remove credits and add the respective tank or plane to your account. Please note that we can only restore machines, so you will not get back the crew or equipment that was mounted on it when it was sold.

If you wish to use this opportunity, please contact our Customer Service team via ticket system.

Please state the exact name of the tank or plane, that you wish it to be restored and the approximate date you sold it. If the vehicle does not come up in your data, then a restoration will not be possible.


Thats Really Nice That WG lets Us Get  An Prem Tank That We Acidentally sold for the ammount of creds its worth:)

hope u like this

p.s u can only do that once in game WOWP or WOT

Woody1999 #2 Posted 11 October 2014 - 12:10 PM

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Did you not already know this? We've had it for at least a year now.



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