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The "how to play T49" replay guide

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AngelofAwe #1 Posted 13 October 2014 - 07:16 AM

    Lieutenant Сolonel

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Greetings fellow tank drivers. As you've opened this topic I assume you at least have some interest in the tank known as the T49, whether you like it or hate it.

I have noticed that lots and lots of players despise this tank, including most of the popular streamers - which will no doubt be affecting public opinion.


This tank does have it's issues for sure, but I disagree with the arguments that it is "unreliable". It simply does not play like any other light tank.

Personally I love this tank and feel it really suits me, my bad streaks are mostly down to bad teams rather than a bad tank. Being a light with an extreme reload you will not carry too many games, but will rather be a force in trying to push your team to an advantage.


For reference these are my T49 stats as of this moment. They could be significantly better if I didn't derp out and do stupid stuff all the time but... that's just me. I do that in any tank I play.

I will not tell you what equipment to use on the tank or what consumables to carry. That is up to you, all I'll give you here is an example replay and an explanation of how I play the tank... and more importantly how I think when playing the tank. You will see some of the strengths and some of the weaknesses the tank has.


It is not my average game. This one is 2000+ exp, which I get one of in every 15-20 games played (which is still a significant amount).


On to the replay, I will write down my thoughts here.




15:00 The matchup. I like going up the hill and taking control of it in my medium/lights under almost any circumstances. Unless the enemy team has a significantly more mediums or better medium players (for example a top tier unicum platoon).
In this case we are about equal when it comes to the number of mediums and lights which means I can contest the hill. Further the medium I most expect to meet there is a batchat which I can easily full pen and the lights can easily be 1 shot as well. The awful panther for example is more of a problem for the T49 since you can't pen it frontally with HE.


14:30 I move towards the hill as planned and see the other light and the medium follow plus a couple of heavies. Perfect, that means I have sufficient support and won't be the only one going for the hill, in which case I'd reconsider even attempting it.
I successfully get up on the hill and only a light tank is spotted. Since my allies behind me did not spot anything else going up the hill I know I'm alone, which surprises me a bit since I expected the batchat. My only worry now is that I don't want to be exposed on the top of the hill to get shot by arty which will no doubt be aiming my way if they're competent.

14:00 My support arrives up on the hill and there's still nothing spotted coming to support the WZ-132 which means I can move up to try to get a shot into his back without risking anything.
I get the side/rear of the WZ from slightly above, which is basically perfect, and he has nowhere to go. I don't worry about taking 1 hit back because I know this is going to hurt a lot more for him.
Full pen without problems but I also get a little lucky and nail his fuel tanks the HE and set him on fire for the 1 shot.
I spot the batchat finally moving up (too late) and get out of there before I risk taking any potential fire or yolo attempts from him. I need to reload for 20s and make sure any possible clicker gets bored of aiming for me anyway.

13:40 I was planning to use the good gun depression to poke over the ridge (on the left side of the rock because...arty) and put a shell through the top of the centurion for guaranteed full pen. However he died before I could get there.

13:20 I know the batchat is behind the rock and I know he will not poke the side further away from me since the obj 704 would nail him over there. Instead I preaim and wait for him to poke around on my side. I'm not spotted so he is unaware of my position. He does exactly that a few seconds later but I rush my shot and fire slightly too far to the right. If I had aimed more for the middle of his front plate it would most likely have full penned for 900+ dmg and taken out half his modules, basically taking out his tank without even killing it.
Next I back up to arty cover and reload again

12:50 I intend to aim at the rock again and see if the batchat pokes out to trade fire with me, he has nowhere to go and will try something stupid sooner rather than later.
Instead an... err afk? IS-8 comes rolling straight across the opening.
I'm only somewhat aimed but I can't wait any longer if I want to hit him before he's out of reach and simply aim for his side profile.
The shell hits the track, which in this tank isn't a bad thing! I do this on purpose all the time because the high alpha tracks anything it hits, allowing your team mates to clean up while also damaging the tank. This time he gets tracked in the middle with 4 of your tanks able to open fire and quickly finish him off.

12:20 I have another shot at the BC but he dies before I can aim fully. Shots like these are not a problem in the T49. You can kill ANY target in the game if it's low hp. (below 250 reliably if it's heavily armored)
It doesn't matter what piece of the tank you can hit, if they're sidescraping or hulldown. You will kill it.

12:10 Everything spotted on the other side of map has died and only 1-2 tanks are visible on your flank. They are outnumbered (as far as we know) and also in a position we can not safely reach in our little light tank. Therefore I make the decision to drop down to middle and try to spot something or flank up behind the heavies if possible.

12:00 The moment I tip over the edge I realize I have made a baaaad mistake. I spot a T34 that for god knows what reason is sitting right below the ridge. He's close enough that I am instantly proxy spotted. To make matters worse there's an E50 on the other side that may be able to snipe me... and a WTF E-100. Not to mention arty can now see me in the nice open middle field.
I have to immediately limit the potential enemy fire and react by diving in behind the rock next to the T34. I know I will take a hit for it, but I saw no other option that would be safer.
At the very least I'm safe from arty and all spotted enemies.
I hide in as close to the rock as possible to force the T34 to come around to get another shell into me. If he does, everything on my side of the map will be able to shoot the T34 and I simply have to count on their support, especially the object 140 still above on the ridge.
The plan works perfectly and I'm saved thanks to my team!

11:10 I'm a 1 shot to anything in the game now and have to be careful. I try to carefully poke out to see if I can spot anything/ if anything is able to spot me.
Nothing happens so I feel safe to move up to the next rock for easier spotting and simply getting out of my last known position.

10:40 I'm pretty much locked down in this position by not knowing where the WT is. If I move out it's quite likely he'd instantly spot me from his last location. There are also a bunch of enemy tanks still not spotted, for example the rhm which could potentially be sitting on the ridge right in front of me.
An E75 is spotted back near our spawn but I expect our TD to be able to deal with holding him back and killing him with the assistance of arty. If that TD was not there I would instantly turn around and chase after the E75 to protect arty and get shots in his back.

10:20 The right flank situation is becoming more critical and my team is now outnumbered. I really want to move to flank the enemy but I can't out of fear for the WT.
But then... there he is!
I want to put a shot into his side but it's a surprisingly fast tank going downhill. Not to mention my accuracy and shell travel time.
However I've become pretty good at calculating these shells and I try to put one into his side to deal damage and perhaps track him.
The shell goes higher than I had expected however and delivers some democracy straight into his turret for a full pen. Lucky me!
The hit makes the WT stop and try to get revenge.
I do not want to poke the location I know he will be aiming (the position I fired from) so I poke the other side of the rock once he's lost track of me to see if he will spot me or if I'll be able to fire from there.
I do however get spotted so there is no chance for me to poke out to fire with my abysmal aiming time, it would only be suicide.
He's out in the open so there's no need anyway... arty deals with him. Speaking of which, arty is in trouble but there's nothing I can do to get there fast enough to help them with an RU anyway so I choose the targets I have in front of me and helping the right flank.

9:20 I know that only the E5 and E-100 are on the right flank now. I also know that the E5 is at extremely low hp and will die no matter where I hit him. I still poke the corner carefully since I am a 1 shot to him as well. He comes charging in my direction and gets... terminated.

8:45 Next up is the E-100. He knows I'm coming now but I hope to be able to use the ridge to my right as cover between us and I'll basically shoot from where his team's heavies camp early game. However I've misjudged his position and he's actually out in the open and turning his gun towards me. The ridge offers me no cover and I have to make a split second decision again. I choose to throw myself in behind the wrecks and hope they block his line of fire. I move back and forth to make it harder to snipe me but also need to be careful not to give him too much of my tank around the wrecks.
Since he's now focused entirely on me the 704 is able to sneak up and put a shell into him.
The "oh something shot me" reaction makes him lose focus for a critical few seconds and turn his gun away slightly, so I pop out and throw a shot in his general direction praying it will hit his tank, which is enough to finish off the last tiny bit of hp he has.

And that is the GG for me in this game, nothing more happened. 3500 damage, 3 kills and 3300 assisted. (mostly by tracking)

I have better games than this and worse games than this, but I think it showcases how to play the tank and how to think in order to do consistently well. It has a different style than any other light and it's not a KV-2 either despite the gun similarities. It's the T49, an amazing tank in it's own right.

Dis4ster #2 Posted 13 October 2014 - 08:00 AM

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Thats not a guide.

AngelofAwe #3 Posted 13 October 2014 - 08:34 AM

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View PostDathdeath, on 13 October 2014 - 10:00 AM, said:

Thats not a guide.


guide, guideline, example, explanation. call it what you wish, i don't care.

jellis #4 Posted 13 October 2014 - 10:18 AM


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A well-written guide for this unique gem in form of a replay commentary. Match progress was easy to follow just by reading. Thanks!

Orfiel #5 Posted 13 October 2014 - 08:38 PM


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Good guidelines on analysis of the replay.


My overall experiences from this tank so far:


(some stats are bit odd, just started using this site)


  • Play it like mobile TD - for example Hellcat 
  • You must prey your targets and know your positioning in the battle.
  • Have patience and know when to strike and what to hit (if you hit!).
  • It's not regular Light Tank, it's bastard child of KV-2 and Hellcat!
  • Shoot like you would shoot KV-2 and move like you should move Hellcat.
    • If those two tanks are unfamiliar: Aim only if you're hidden, it takes alot of time to aim and you don't want to get hit. You're not most agile but you're reasonable fast. Use terrain as your advantage.
  • Don't shoot if you're not sure that you will hit. Many times I've hesitated and shot light tank too early, missed and died because you come to get you. 20sec reload is long time against enemy.
  • Never try to do active frontline scouting at the beginning! Your teammates are idiots if they ask you to do this and don't know a single thing about your tank.


These are my few points for other new T49 drivers. Derp out, commanders!



Aqtom #6 Posted 15 October 2014 - 01:06 AM


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http://wotreplays.com/site/1224091#self   this is my best in T49 at the end me vs. foch155, fv183 and  FV207 

my top 1shot dmg roll was 1550 dmg on leopard PTA  900+ dmg + fire and I 1shoted him 

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