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WLAN problems [solved!]

wlan wtf why no work

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K_A #1 Posted 19 October 2014 - 09:08 AM


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Hi! I'm having some difficulties here that I simply don't understand are possible and I thought someone here might be able to help out?


So here's the problem, today I wake up normally and go to the computer and the internet isn't working. Here's everything I've tried and deducted already:


- WLAN itself works, I am able to connect to the router, but ping testing fails and I can't connect to the internet

- connecting to the same WLAN with my cellphone, and internet connection is made and works perfectly like it should

- connecting my laptop to a Wi-Fi hotspot I created from my cellphone works (that's what I'm using to post this)

- I've tried booting my modem and laptop twice each now for no effect


I'm running out of ideas here to get it to work.. Halp?




Solved it, updating my network adapter drivers did the trick. Funny how the old drivers were perfectly sufficient for a long time up until yesterday evening and all of a sudden they were incompatible and useless overnight while nothing had changed.

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