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A Talk about Warships [Interview]

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ilosz #1 Posted 20 October 2014 - 08:04 PM

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I made an interview with the Devs not so long time ago, so those who havent been qualified yet for the game can still get some bits of information, please enjoy! :)


"With a rich background in film industry, Danny Volkov joined Lesta Studio in 2006 as a lead of a small team responsible for development of downloadable console titles. It was Danny who facilitated the growth and eventual evolvement of his team into a Casual Games Department that delivered a number of high quality titles and Best Adventure Game of The Year nomination.
In 2012, Lesta Studio joined Wargaming in a quest to deliver legendary naval MMO game and Danny accepted an offer to become World of Warships Development Director.
In his current position Danny is in charge of all the production processes in Lesta Studio and synchronizes the work of all the departments to deliver high quality gameplay experience to World of Warships players."


Ilosz: First of all can you please tell us about the developer team? I see that WG is co-operating with Lesta Studio on the project this time.
Danny Volkov: That’s correct. Lesta Studio from Saint Petersburg, Russia has over 20 years of experience in video production and visual/sound effects. For the last 14 years it has been focusing mainly on game development and already succeeded in creating naval battles in “Pacific Storm”.


I: What were the main inspirations, when developing this episode of the “World Of” franchise?
D.V.: World of Warships is the next logical step after World of Tanks and World of Warplanes to round out the concept of the trilogy of combat action games set on land, in the skies, and at sea. With the third MMO title, we continue to build the gaming universe having enough depth and variety to attract a massive audience and keep it engaged for years.
Besides, the new game will stay in line with Wargaming long-standing care for national specifics and players’ personal preferences. Tanks are popular in CIS countries, Americans are passionate about warplanes, the Asian gaming community in general has a weak spot for naval combat games. That is, each of the games will cater for a particular market better than for the others.
World of Warships will also satisfy the players’ demand for a medium-paced gameplay heavy on strategy. With dynamic World of Warplanes and World of Tanks that lays somewhere in the middle between the two, any player will now be able to find the project that suits him and switch to another within Wargaming universe, if he ever gets a bit bored with his favorite one.


I: Which version of the BigWorld engine does the game use? Will the performance be somewhat similar to WoWP?
D.V.: We use the same BigWorld engine for all three projects. Even though technology is similar, the World of Warships team has to adjust it for the needs of the project. For example, warplanes need high-definition clouds to fly into. Tanks need trees that are able to fall. Warships need neither of the two, but water. So even if the technology is similar all around, it may look different.
As for the performance, it’s too early to compare or make inferences, but we are working on it.


I: What kind of gameplay would you like to achieve by the public release? A basically slower, more tactic consuming or a faster, more intense one?
D.V.: We develop World of Warships in a way that makes most players feel comfortable — no matter what their favorite play style is. So battleships provide quite slow and contemplative gameplay on mid-to-further distances. Destroyers are far faster, providing grounds for instant maneuvering, attacking enemies from rearward areas and conducting swift torpedo attacks.


Please head to the following link to have a full look on our conversation:


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