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skirmishes divisions

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enrico7113 #1 Posted 23 October 2014 - 07:47 AM

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hi to all

I think stronghold skirmishes is a fun and challenging gameplay mode, brilliantly implemented.

my suggestion would be to create additional 3 divisions at tier 5, 7 and 9.

to add even more variety to the game and give the chance to players to use for this innovative and amazing game mode the chance to use also their tier 5. 7 and 9 tanks.

I hope you like my idea.

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Golmazh #2 Posted 06 November 2014 - 12:26 AM


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Well that was dissapointing. We are small clan with friends, played a few team battles and such but mostly plutoons, The strongholds emerged and the 7vs7 suited us just fine, interest spiked and some slumbering members awoke. Now its relesed and its 15 vs 15 and you need to be ready to defend it 6 days per week ? How is that diffrent from CW ? Here I thought Strongholds where made thinking of the smaller clans who dont have wot as a semi profession... I cant make new threads on this forum even tho I have 30k games and started on the beta somehow im not trustworthy or something so im sorry to hijack this thread but there where no better place for me that i could find.


Question..  Is this it,? will all clans who desire to build beond lvl 4 need 100 members to defend it 6 times per week or will there come smaller options ?  Tip..  make it so you can enter on a 7vs7 basis, defend and attack, you can change it but it takes 14 days..  make it so you can restrikt the number of days per week you can attack or be attacked. Add whatever slowing rate you like to punish these unworthy slackers, but atleast give them an option.  For us old guys and old gaming friends 15vs15 6 times a week, or even 3 times when its 15vs15 is simply not an option, and there must be hundereds off small clans just like mine....

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