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Medium Build Tier 6

Strongholds Build

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Medium Build

Camping becomes very popular in strongholds. Often games take the whole 15min and only in the last 3-5 minutes action happens.

A good option is to run a medium setup. Here a suggestion for you how to set up a good medium build and how to run it on most maps.


Primary Tanks for Tier 6:

  • T37
  • Cromwell
  • T21
  • Type 64


Secondary Tanks:

  • Hellcat
  • KV 85


The T37 and Cromwell are the best tanks in WoT for swarming tactics. they are fast, have good penetration and fire speed. The Cromwell comes with 850 hit points, the T37 is better to drive around heavy tanks.

The Type 64 is the fastest tank with basic 390m view range and is perfect to spot. Great to circle enemy tanks and good fire power, only problem are the hit points and the weak structure when ramming.



  • 4-5x T37
  • 1-2X Cromwells
  • 1x Type 64



Map control and fast access to important positions on the map. You should always try to stay together as a "swarm". Hit&run is your main goal at the beginning. Try to get fast to the important hill (Karelia, Murowanka, Fjords, etc...). Push to this point. Be aware, if the enemy has not a medium build too, their heavies will not make it in time. You can easily swarm the opponents scouter or med tank and kill it. Without scout they loose vision and map control.

Always focus first the light and medium tanks. Always drive and auto aim. Keep moving.

At the beginning you can hit&run, so you can flee (yes flee!). this is not unmanly or bas. Restructure, use your speed and leave the enemy heavies in nowhere land. rive around them, spot them without them beeing able to spot you. Attack from far. If you have 1-2 tanks advantage you can then run a push with focus fire. Drive around the tanks. You wanto fire at heavies from side or back. Do not drive into each other. Learn to drive the swarm tactic.


Have fun! It makes a lot of fun to drive swarm tactics in Stronghold. I can only encourage you to try it!

And if the fun does not convince you - then the money!


Swarm tactics are mostly finished after 3-4 minutes. And you earn easily 20-30k per match. So you can easily run 10-15 matches in an hour and earn 200-400k. Which is really nice thing.

and if this does not convience either - it does not count to WN8! So you can easily learn to play more effective medium tanks. Learn to swarm, to circle and to play in a team.





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