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no recruiting , just safe haven [-SUCK]

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___Flat___Liner___ #1 Posted 25 October 2014 - 06:26 AM

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Any above average player must recognise this :  -->  the moments ingame or after match in the garage, that recruiters or clan owners keep pulling your sleeve to join their clan.


Specially when you did an awesome job in a game, earned some medalls, singlehandedly survived a 9-14 situation and/or won the game for your team


Then garage bottom screen starts lighting up with chat boxes and all you can think of is:


:izmena:leave me alone, i am not lookin for a career in this [Edited] game.


XVM will add even more focus / attention if you are green, blue, purple status as well, if you have no clanname behind your nick


Sick and tired of this?


clan [-SUCK] gives you exactly the safe haven for these situations.


[-SUCKdoesnt do anything for you, nor does it do anything against you.


Clan rules:

We dont chat in clan! (if people chat in clan they are politely asked to shut up ),

We dont say hi or goodbye.

We dont brag every time we had some RNG lucky super unicum game and bother the rest of the clan with it.

We dont ask each other for advise nor do we give it. (forum and you tube is full of [edited]who think they know it all, so infotardness enough out there already)

We dont spamm our clanchat for teaming up, platooning and whatever else crap you can do together.


People in [-SUCK] get to do what they like most and that is to solo play, kill enemies, relieve some daily life stress, log out again and want to be LEFT ALONE.        


Ask any of my clanmembers if you dont believe. (lol: They wont answer anyway and if they answer it will probably be with a polite: :izmena:leave me [Edited] alone!



You get to wear the [-SUCK] logo on your tanks, thats all and you will be left alone ingame and after game, as you are just doing your solo thing AND ALSO IN CLAN 100% GUARANTEED




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