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Looking for a clan

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jimbob_gun #1 Posted 25 October 2014 - 05:54 PM


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hi guys,

Im looking an experienced player who is looking for a fairly successful  a cw and skirmish clan. I have a selection of t10 tanks(jgpze100,fv215b,t57ht,m48a1,t11oe5,is7,is4,t62a,fv4202) i also have an arl 44 for skirmishes and will probably be purchasing a pershing this week. i am under 16 and looking for a friendly clan. i will be active most mondays and fridays around 6pm-8pm and most Tuesday and Thursday evenings. my only language is english.

hope to hear from you guys :)

BIOMORPHIC #2 Posted 25 October 2014 - 07:18 PM


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Hi jimbob_gun





International clan

Seeking members to participate in stronghold battles
Progressing to full clan wars as more members join 

and having fun


Minimum Requirements*:
Tier 8+
Age 16+
Teamspeak 3 is needed for clan games

Apply here: 

pakmedanasjekan #3 Posted 26 October 2014 - 12:24 AM


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[29AR] Two Nine Alpha Romeo Recruiting

29AR is a fun clan, that take Skirmishing seriously.
(except when we are drunk lol)

We Have room for a few good (experienced) players
We are looking for regular players preferably age over 18, that speak English, with tier 6+ tanks to join us in skirmishes, to fight for the clan stronghold, and join in competitions, mainly in the week day evenings and at weekends. The clan Stronghold is currently at level 4, but we will build it to level 10 as soon as 9.4 comes out, and we have a good defending/attacking (tier 10 players only) team in place, giving members full bonuses of up to 50% Credits and XP. We mainly fight at tier 6 skirmishes, as it is more productive at the moment.

What we have to offer
We are a large clan with over 90 members we are looking for A few good men to join us. Our member base is mainly over 18 years old and have a friendly social scene. We are a UK based Clan but have members from all over the EU, including, Holland, Ireland, Norway, some eastern EU community county's, as well as some American members.
We speak English on-line, in chat and many members have voice coms. (its not important if you don't but will be helpful). We play 24/7 there is always a member or 2 on-line that will platoon with you. In the evenings we have 30+ regular experienced players, and at weekends there are more. We hold in clan competitions like replay of the month and 1 on 1 knock out fights, and you can win gold if you win them. We hold clan training rooms, and have on-line clan meetings, where all members can have there say in how we run the clan.
We have our own web page ( WWW.29AR.CO.UK ), and forum for members use, with weekly news and updates on what's new in WOT, as well as a You-tube page. We have our own Mod Pack available from the web page. We have experienced members that are willing to help with in game problems and advice, as well as I.T support and help.

Thanks and hope to see you soon
Come Who Dares

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