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BBGEU /// Recruiting for 3th campaign /// +1000 wn8 also playing CW/TC/ESL/FUN

bright campaign recruit clanwar wn8 esl tc teambattle

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J2theW #1 Posted 01 November 2014 - 05:17 PM


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Bright, Beyond Gaming






Bright, Beyond Gaming is an relative old clan started in 2002 by myself. I started the clan cause allot of clans die fast and I dont like to hop clans and play every time with new people. We also hold our own LAN parties in the Netherlands with normally +-25 clanmembers. You don't need to come to the LAN party but its always fun :) Next one will be hold in spring 2015. Now back to the topic recruiting.....

BBG is looking for new skilled members for ClanWars on the globalmap. In the 2nd campaign we took some countries and hold some for a few days (Also countries in Europe). And 8 members of our clan got the vk72.01. We also played the fire campaign and 6 of our players got in the top 6.000 with famepoints and received the T23E3. So we have some potential are getting better and better. Our team isn't consisting out of "unicums" etc. but still we manage to get in the top 10.000/6.000 to receive special premium tanks. Our wins are mostly based on very good teamplay and good tactics. We are a true team thats based on teamplay. The top 11.000 will be easily possible but we might wanna try to get more people the clan then last times :) Do you think you're a fit for our team?

Interested? Then first check some basic stuff out here below:


>>> For the tanks we look for these:

Heavy: is-3, amx50100, IS-7, T57 heavy, T110e5
Medium: batchat
Scout: amx1390
TD: obj 268 and JGPze100
Arti: m40/m43, T92, Obj. 261, Conqueror GC
You don't need all tanks but make sure you have at least 1 of the top tier 10 tanks.


>>> We search for people with a wn8 rating above 1300

>>> Microphone and being active on TS3 is a must have


>>> Teamplayer

>>> Age of 16 or older

Our clan HQ is in the Netherlands but we have also allot of Germans and UK members in the clan. In our other squads we have people from all over Europe (belgium, france, finland, norway etc.) and even further like Albanie and Saudi-Arabie. So speaking English is a must have.


Here some links you might wanna checkout:

Are you intrested? Please contact me ingame on account "J2theW" or reply here:biggrin:

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