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The biggest disasternight since I started playing WoT

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PoIestar #1 Posted 01 November 2014 - 10:52 PM


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note: this thread is purely to free my rage, I might be a bit odd writing this one.


So I got a new load of gold, bought the elements to finish my Leopard PT, and decided to spend an evening playing nothing but my Leopard, now in elite status.


Well, it didn't went as plan, as I am telling you now.

It was a disaster or really funny, but we lost everything.


First game: oh look, 0,32 accuracy! Let's miss everything I fire, even at distances under 50 m!

Oh look, 268 pen! Let's bounce on a Comet!

Oh look, 390 alpha damage! Let's do 290-310 in 4 shots!

Supposed to do about 3000 damage, only did 1200.


Few games later: corner fighting in a med wolfpack. No damage taken at first, then a Bulldog takes me, does 110 damage with his first shot, destroys my ammorack, I repair it, he destroys my ammorack, third shot, killed my loader! Try the Leopard PT, with 25 s reload! 

Didn't last long, since the fourth shot was 1360 damage from arty.


Oh, another game. 21% chance to win. The Spanish Tomatina Festival should be held in WoT next year, unlimited supply of tomatoes...

Or the unicorn zombie apocalypse, crying unicorns FTW.

We lost that game 0-15, with the max damage in my team done by me! It was 1067.


Few games later: 5 arty per team. It would be a shame if they timed their reloads to all shoot me, right? Well, guess what happened.

The game did get a funny twist, 5 arty vs 5 tanks, and our arty managed to shotgun four of them. The fifth finished them all off, and we lost again.


And my feelbad moment of the evening: I was to advance with all my health into the rear of 7 enemies. Bounced on the rear of an IS-3, back off right into the gun of a T95, who ammoracks me on full health. Now I feel bad, since I sort of raged to him really hard while he was apologizing. 


Then we were winning 14-6, 9 tanks against a Tortoise.


All went 1 before the other into the front of the Tortoise, didn't know where to shoot it, panicked, and got killed. Tortoise ended with 9 kills and 8500 dmg.


Then I looked up to my Leopard stats. 35% WR on 81 battles. Got me a sudden depression.


Decided to give it one more go. Then a crying unicorn said it was a 34%er and I wanted to go and cry in a corner. We actually won, with me doing 2200 dmg, but it was the worst form of RNG again. Fully aimed shots missing or only tracking, or bouncing, when I do penetrate it's again only 300-350 damage and they just keep firing, doing 490 dmg with 400 damage guns and 410 damage with 320 dmg guns. And me? Oh, I'm just here with a broken engine. Shoot me, do it. Well, we won and I survived.


I mean really, please, just give me one weekend, without a x3 XP bonus or something. All of the idiots come out and go play, while the good players are all raged out. I really needed to do this to free the rage that's rising in me. Sorry if you feel offended.

Jocker_bih #2 Posted 01 November 2014 - 11:32 PM


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RNG is stronk tonight everywhere, 3 matches in a row with 430-2 pening and pwning e100's everywhere, but then rng decided it was enough so i stopped and called it a night. Better that than to buy new keyboard and mouse :D

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