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[T_J] ?The Jokers? Take 'em round the back

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Arthur_Daley #1 Posted 03 November 2014 - 10:00 PM


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As our name suggests, we’re more about having a laugh and some fun than we are about winning; if we win along the way then great, if we don’t so what!? If you’re tired of the Clans who take things just a little too seriously or if you’re searching for a clan where the emphasis is on fun & enjoyment, we could be just the clan you’re looking for; all we ask is you:

• have a willingness and desire to have fun and enjoy the game! 
• are age 18+ (or lower at Clan Commanders discretion – after we speak to your parents/carers) 
• are a team player 
• are respectful and tolerant of others (especially Unicorn’s & Orang-utan's) 
• are moderately active on World of Tanks (we don’t ask or expect that you are on every night!!) 
• have TeamSpeak 3 (our method of communication for platoons, team battles, tank companies etc) 
• are English speaking

There are no tier requirements, everyone is welcome! Always be yourself, unless of course you can be an Orang-utan, then always be an Orang-utan!

If you are interested in joining, send a pm to Arthur_Daley

Thanks for checking us out.

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