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Zyorg004 #1 Posted 10 November 2014 - 12:44 PM


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Here is an example of a post being possibly critical of any game mechanic and talking about problems I may have been having with the game. (in hope to talk and relate to others to solve the issue, right?)


so basically, this is a thread where the stains of the community tell me "learn to play" "its all you" "youre ignorant" "f**k you noob" etc etc etc without the slightest amount of respect or even without reading the OPs post.


Dont fail me guys, I want to prove to the world how BAD a LARGE CHUNK (very large) of the tanks community is. of course, if you are a normal person and would like to share your story of encounters with these people or just share your thoughts without immediate aggression and judgement from me, id love to hear it.

P.S yes I know the forum police dont like me shedding light on something that gets brushed under the carpet, but im willing to take the bans and punishment for you. bring on the neg reps!

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