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Add the fog of war to stronghold attack/defence battles


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pyledriver #1 Posted 13 November 2014 - 09:40 AM


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Myself and people in my clan who have participated in this new mode would like to see the introduction of the 'Fog of War' in stronghold attack/defence games.


There is more at stake than a normal tier 10 skirmish, so having a battle experience more like a Clan Wars province attack/defence would improve the game mode. Currently the battle is exactly the same as a tier 10 skirmish.


The defending team have an advantage with regards to winning if the battle ends in a draw, but shouldn't the onus should be on the attacking team to work out where the defenders are/what tanks they have and attack accordingly?


It feels like more of an advantage for the attacking team to know what tanks the defending team have got up front than vice-versa.


Make the tactical decisions made by the commanders as a result of good spotting/information gained by the players, not from looking at the tanks listed before the battle starts.





FuzzyIso_IamSalty #2 Posted 13 November 2014 - 01:15 PM


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Its not like T10 skirmishes..In stronghold battle you can see on which map you are gonna play and from which side..so you can actually take a Setup of tanks...introducing the Fog of War would change little, but its better to see the enemy setup as both Teams can think properly about the actions they are gonna do.

pyledriver #3 Posted 13 November 2014 - 01:54 PM


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Yes, you are right in pointing out the difference being that you know the map up front so you have the added option of planning your setup accordingly. This is a good thing.


However, I disagree that introducing the Fog of War would change little - It would make the game mode more dynamic and unpredictable.


A member of your clan (Isinalle) posted this in 2012 with some good reasons why FoW should be added to all game modes - But most are very relevant to this discussion.


Block Quote


Reasons why and pros for it:

1. In company battles it would give bigger freedom in tank selection and tactics.

For example tier8 opponent has eight IS-3s and four arties. If they see from start our team is purely AMX/Lorraine/fast med based then they have upper hand from start and take it defensively. It ruins most of the tactic variations game has to offer.

2. In Clan Wars there was improvised tactics evolved since the introduction to fog of war. It was a good addition to stagnant gameplay.

3. No more griefing over MM or bad team statistics [XVM MOD]  before battle. Also it will have better impact when you can't see who is on opposing team.

4.  More intense and exiting gameplay when you don't know what tanks opponent has.

5.  FOW would level the advanced and newcomer gap. Better players can now make their game tactic based on opposing force and by judging the most common strategies used in public games and effectively hit on those weaknesses.

6. Have advantage/remove handicap for tank classes that need it. Like heavily TD'ed team since MM likes to stack tanks. It is easy to react on MM defects when you see the enemy setup.


From this thread






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