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[MADKIDZ] looking for members (and founder).

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CharkVaror #1 Posted 13 November 2014 - 11:53 PM


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Hi all,

I want to create this new clan, "mad kidz" (unless the name is already taken), a home for all of you who rage at your team during randoms while not providing much. There will be no nationality nor language preference, the more Klingons the merrier. WN8 should not exceed 600 after a few thousands games, because madz are more than often bad, and we'll have a reputation to defend. I assume that with these requirements, this clan should get pretty popular and grow quite fast.


Now the only issue is that I found out that it costs 1k gold to create a clan, and I have never spend any money on this game nor do I intend to.

So I'm looking for someone mad enough to create the clan, of course he'll be the leader, but who's silly enough to care about ranks in a videogame anyway? It's not like we're in the army or some corporate bizness.


Don't forget to send me an invite once you've created the clan, dear founder, I'll proudly wear the tag in pubs.

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