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[SK1LL] Combat Officers & Players


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BountyHunter_ #1 Posted 14 November 2014 - 12:55 AM


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Hi Guys


We still have a few places left in our clan for players with a WN of 1400-1500 must have tiers 6 8 10 to participate in the upcoming 3rd campaign. It would also be an advantage if you can lead teams and have experience in tactics. So contact me here or online wot ASAP or our Clan Commander NoobLineX. Thank You.

MMmak3r #2 Posted 16 November 2014 - 08:36 AM


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Hello, i want to join SK1LL clan, because i want to participate in 3rd campaign.

have some basic english skills, enough for WoT. 

Stats:  http://www.noobmeter...ak3r/504176903/
My wn8 is about 1070, but last 1000 battles i have got 2150 wn8


T10- obj.140, t62a ( Today or tomorrow i will buy E100)

T9- T-54, e-75, leopard pta

T8- fcm 50t, t-34-3, SP ( can buy tiger 2, indien panzer, is-3, t-44, wz-132)

T6- pz4s (can buy kv85, kv 2, vk3601h, type 58, arl v39)

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