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Getting banned by unsportsmanlike conduct for nothing !


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TXSX_Freezer #1 Posted 15 November 2014 - 06:05 PM


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I just wanna say to WG that they need to look first of all what the situation is. Cause I am banned for a day now cause some [edited]was reporting me. I did nothing to them, no team damage, no blocking, nothing ! I was getting shot by a teammate T30 when I was side crapping and he was callin me noob.. I'm not mad at him at all it was my fault I didn't saw him aimen at someone. But that's not everything. I was trying to get my top gun and I made it. But a arty was reporting me 10 times because his mission was " Ruined " by me. Well, I am a very patient and almost not getting mad player that's what I can tell you. So they were reporting me for nothing !! And again, I was shooting gold at a Jagdtiger, so ? What does it matter, gold is legal in World of tanks right ? So yeah I just wanna make clear that WG has to improve this " banning " part because you WG are kicking so much players for nothing ! I really really want changes of this because I think this Report is useless


Kind regards

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