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Upgrading the old gal (pc not gf)

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ghostwalker0299 #1 Posted 16 November 2014 - 12:26 PM


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Ok so i have a seriously outdated pc...and whats worse. Its a chop bought HP system.


It's been a long time since i last did any sort of computer upgrade and tachs moved on a long way. My last upgrade was around the time PCI-e appeared for mainstream graphics cards.


With that said, i have looked over the salvagable bits of my current system and realised the main things that will need to go are the PSU, Case (because of the psu type) and a switch out from the onboard nvidia 9200 gpu.


The psu is a lowly 250w hipro jobby and has a 3 screm configuration for mounting in the pc case. Hence the case needing replacing aswell., It as also and somewhat weirdly... mounted centrally in the case.

In this regards i am looking to cannibalise an old tower case, but need recommendations for a decent budget power supply thats going to be suitable to a pci-e card.


The next bit is where i probably show my age.

My last upgrade still involved the age of agp graphics cards.


I looked over the motherboard of this system and there is a PCIe x16 slot available....

Is this going to affect what graphics cards are compatible with it? As i notice theres a whole host of pcie2 and 3 boards about these days.


A few odd questions i know, and i can't think of where else to post them. I used to bug my mate in an old AA clan. But those days are long gone and this PC just cant cut World of Tanks without drama.


For anyone wondering at the basics of the system its...

Packard Bell iMedia S3210


 AMD athlon II X3 425 processor

3gb ram

Ge-force 9200 gpu

running on win 7 home premium


Any help would be muchly appreciated!

Woody1999 #2 Posted 17 November 2014 - 01:27 AM

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First we're going to need your budget mate. We don't really know how much leeway we've got on this.


But for budget PSU's, I'd highly suggest the Corsair CX600, a 600w power supply, enough for most mid-end systems with room to improve and just under 50 quid. For graphics cards, it's quite hard to get a quality GPU for very cheap prices, so we need to know what kind of budget you're on again. If you want any performance out of a good graphics card then you're going to need a better processor. With a clock speed of 2.7GHz you will be bottlenecking the power of basically anything. Also on that note, 3GB of RAM isn't going to get you far. It might be worth just getting another 4GB so you can even attempt to run newer games.


Hope I have helped.



ghostwalker0299 #3 Posted 17 November 2014 - 08:41 AM


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Unfortunately for the next few months i am really constrained by the limits of the system i have.

The Ram issue is a real pain as the motherboard only has an allowance for a max of 4gb on it. So very little room for improvement there.


I saw a case including psu online last night, which i am hoping might be a temporary answer to the psu issue for now. It can be seen here



Aside from that, there is ofcourse the graphics card issue.

This will probably sound lame i know lol. But my plan is to sell my old (HTC one x) phone at a company called CEX which is local to me. That should return somewhere between £70-£100 for a graphics card. Not a massive amount especially for a new one. But the same company also sell g-cards the best they have in regards to my local store is a

ATI Radeon Barts HD 6870 1GB

Its that or try to find a better card online for the £100 budget.


I know its very constrictive at the moment. But i plan a full rebuild and upgrade in a few months time. Not sure if maybe it's just a better idea to hold off and just do that. In which case i am hoping to plan a full system but for a budget of around 7-800

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