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Ideas on countering T37 supremacy in skirmishes -> two 59-16's

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tumppi776 #1 Posted 21 November 2014 - 08:46 AM


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All things equal the best counter to T37 in my opinion is not another T37. As you'll want to get rid of them without dying trying.


So what I was thinking was 2 pieces of 59-16's.


SImulation 2 vs 2:


In ideal and pure DPM calculation it would take two 59-16's 2.66 seconds to kill one T37. In this time the T37's only manage to fire 1 shot each - not even coming close to killing one 59-16.


Now disposing the 1st T37 the 59-16's dont have the clip capacity to instakill the other T37 - but on the other hand the T37 side DPM has been halved.


So in my books that is a counter to T37's.


Where the 59-16 will be struggling is dealing with armor - the autoloader pen is abysmal. So having two of these in your skirmish setup might be a showstopper.


What do you think?

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Celandri #2 Posted 21 November 2014 - 01:51 PM

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1 shell in load 1,33 sec reload, then 1 shot 1,33 sec reload 1 shot. so 2,66 sec total exluding delays. 115x 3times shot x 2 tanks 690 if normal roll. if low you get under his hp of 680

biggest problem i see is the bloom of the 76 mm 54-76TG (autoloader) esp without any Vstab, aka you need to be closer to the enemy tanks to get this dpm in.

T37 1 shell in load. 3 sec reload unless delay 1 shell so yes, per dpm you get more dammage in,

T37 can use Vstab, so easier to hit overall while moving, also gun depresion on 59-16 is weaker than the T37.

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