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LF hardcore CW clan without high requirements

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wrathfultanker #1 Posted 22 November 2014 - 02:06 AM


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I am posting on behalf of my other account for reasons. 


I am a dedicated active player, focused on clan wars. I am active in trainings and briefings, and after a lot of games I feel I am ready for the next step in terms of end-game and being part of a successful team. I am a far better team player than my random service record suggests, and I only put in half my effort for randoms, whereas platoons, TCs, TBs and CWs get my full commitment. My stats are not good, but after so many games, it is hard to bring them to where they are now. I would start an alt, but I have grinded so many tanks that would be a waste if I abandoned my main account.


I have:

- 1100 WN8

- 950 WN7

- 46% WR

- 20k Games Played




I have:

- 1300 WN8

- 1050 WN7

- 47% WR

60 Days


EDIT: I should have also mentioned I have a large number of tier 10s, with at least 2 of each vehicle type and over 4000 battles in tier 10s.



I am looking for an english speaking clan, that is focused on clan wars, are serious about it, and have good experienced FCs, and run trainings to help me improve. Just sorta testing the water a bit, I think this is a niche that there is no clan that exists that is hardcore about CWs that accepts low stats players.

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ajay3672 #2 Posted 22 November 2014 - 04:51 AM


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PM sent.

A_GIO_Rob #3 Posted 22 November 2014 - 09:40 AM


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WHO ARE WE: We are a long established, primarily UK focused English speaking clan although we do have other nationalities with us. We participate in Clan Wars daily, often with multiple landings, under the control of some excellent field commanders. We always have platoons runningarrow-10x10.png and we hold training sessions, companies and teams. We have many current and ex-servicemen in the clan, even Crabfats, so you will appreciate the humour is loud, raw and constant. If you are under 18, or a delicate soul, this clan is NOT for you!

WHO DO WE WANT: We are looking to recruit a handfularrow-10x10.png of highly active mature players with the will to learn and improve, Ideally you should have a couple of tier ten vehicles or should be actively grinding towards them in the higher tiers. We want people who will put the clan first, who are dedicated and loyal. A large number of our members have been with the clan a long time and this speaks volumes for how we are as a group. However, we are a social clan and really don't give a toss about stats as such, the game is about having a laugh and taking and giving the urine. We value team work over stats.

Sparrowbird101 #4 Posted 22 November 2014 - 12:24 PM

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PM sent.

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