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AGENT Recruitment Station

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TheArsenalGunner #1 Posted 26 November 2014 - 10:30 PM


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AGENT is a new clan for payers who want to play Platoons, Team Battles and Strongholds. We are NOT professional players. We are playing for FUN, but we are also making friends. We want to become a community clan but we need YOUR help.

To join, you need to:

 - have at least 1500 battles or

 - at least one tier VIII tank in your garage

 - speak at least basic English

 - be at least 15 years old

 - connect to Skype/TeamSpeak3 while playing with clan mates


If you want to play Strongholds, try to go for these tanks:

Tier VI: KV-85; T-150; KV-2; Cromwell; T-34-85; A-43; T37; AMX 12t; Hellcat

Tier VIII: IS-3; 110; AMX 50 100; T32; T69; Pershing; Obj. 416; AMX 13 90; Ru 251; ISU-152; Rhm. Borsig WT.


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