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Looking for a clan where I can play as a mercenary in strogholds on regular basis.

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angiotenzin #1 Posted 29 November 2014 - 01:25 PM


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I am most likely not interested in actually joining the clan, I am just too busy for that atm, but still I want to run strongholds from time to time in order to make some good money.


I am only interested in english or hungarian speaking clans, and preferebly with team speak3 access. What I need is a clan that is active in strongholds so when I can play I will be able to play strongholds, and not just find empty ts rooms or people who are not interested in strongholds what so ever, that would kinda defeat the porpouse of this post :).


What I offer is obviously participation, if you need me.


In case You have any questions or interested, please feel free to cotact me in pm aswell, again only english or hungarian speaking communities pls. :)

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