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A_Lethal1 #1 Posted 30 November 2014 - 04:30 PM


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I was talking with some old comrades and the subject of military slang came up with the new military slang from Afghanistan.  I assume with so many countries having had troops there that they too have some new military slang.  I think it would be interesting to hear all the  military slang expressions.  


In the Canadian army

 Afghanistan is the Sandbox.

Awaiting parts—Refers to one who displays a lack of courage or intestinal fortitude.

Bang stick —Term used for C7 rifle

FOBit—Also FOB Hobbit- a soldier who never leaves a forward operating base (FOB)

Full time retard—Member of the regular forces

Hesco Hobbit— A timid creature who never strays from the protective embrace of an area surrounded by Hesco Bastions

Hooah!, HUA!—heard, understood, acknowledged, borrowed from the U.S. Army term or the USMC's "OOO-RAH Used in a ironic manner, for a idiotic task that you have no enthusiasm in doing

Timm-i Taliban—refers to Taliban enemy

Timmie- someone who is completely useless due to being too nervous or timid
Timmie on crutches - someone who is even more useless than a Timmie
Timmie in a wheelchair - the ultimate useless [edited], too timid to breathe


KAFer—A soldier who never leaves the Kandahar Airfield while deployed in Afghanistan. .

KAFass—Weight gained on tour by KAFers due to lack of exercise, the dining halls in KAF and repeated trips to Tim Hortons (Coffee & Donut chain).

Kandahar Kruds-The shits related to acclimatization to Kandahar province,

Dekafinated-A Kafer forced (usually kicking and screaming) to leave Kandahar Airfield. 

Mach Schnell/Mach Chicken]- To move at high speed on the ground. "Grab your sh*t and mach schnell up to the OP!"

Man-Love Thursday-Used in many jokes. Refers to observations in Afghanistan of the prolific male homosexual relations among the local population on Thursday nights.








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