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Recent Unicum?

Stuff Waffles Purpl Wn8 Meow?

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TsundereWaffle #1 Posted 01 December 2014 - 11:19 PM

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My goal for this year is complete, I am a recent unicum player! :medal:


This year, at the very beginning of this year I started watching youtube videos of WoT and learned about ratings. I was a 800WN8 player with a winrate of around 48%, mainly because I started with rissian heavys and some other tanks that were good and not very hard to play.


I started to learn more and more and also started to improve, after some months when the summer vacation just began I reached around yellow overall stats and green recent which was amazing and made me hapoy as I wasn't an orange but a average/good player.


after playing a lot I became a Green overall player at the end of the summer vacation and dark green/light blue recent player and at that moment I realized I wasn't  a bad or decent player but a good one but I wanted more. Yes I'm greedy.


I started improving more, getting more damage, kills and wins. Getting better tactics and then my recent WN8 reached 2000 and I was a blue recent player.


In the last couple of months I have still been improving and today is the day my recent WN8 is finally purple. So now it's time for the next step which will be my new year resolution. Become a recent super-unicum. :izmena:


Thanks for reading my life story of WoT and stats.

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CZFoo #2 Posted 02 December 2014 - 09:04 AM


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Gratz on becoming the new prioritized target in the field ;)



Hard work delivers, only wish all those 10+k game-ppl with 200WN8 would understand that.

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