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Looking for a clan!

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1sak #1 Posted 08 December 2014 - 05:55 PM


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I am looking for a new clan! I got 1,6k (1 595) WN8 that is growning fast (when I don't help my nooby friends that is in those low tier tanks). My favoritt tank is Obj 140 by far! I am currently not grinding, just chill'n! I am looking for a clan that matches my stats well and that plays kind of serious.

My tanks is IS-7, T57 Heavy and Obj 140. I have reserched T-62A, but I am not planning to buy it. 

I can join any test you migth wanna do with me :)

I AM UNDER 18! Just so you know. I know that is a problem with many so... (Why?) 



I am a stats whore? And I play with visa in hand? I am boshkempa? And I am 1sak.

FLYSNIPER23 #2 Posted 08 December 2014 - 09:41 PM


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check out our sister clan!



Phakito #3 Posted 09 December 2014 - 04:19 AM


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photo xnewrecruitmentposter_zps4b33d1cc.jpg  

Vahakn #4 Posted 09 December 2014 - 01:59 PM

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About us:

We are a bunch of dedicated and loyal family members that enjoy experiencing what WOT can offer. We have members from various age groups and time zones. We know when to be serious however we also enjoy having a laugh. No we are not the military type, but we do have strict moral codes and simple community guidelines. We enjoy teaming up with members and non-members, and have a great time nonetheless. We have successfully commenced a good Strongholds push and are keen to enlist new members whom enjoy exciting battles and accepting challenges.



  • Teamspeak3 is mandatory (we ask that you are at least able to speak type or understand English).  http://www.teamspeak3.com/teamspeak-download.php
  • Minimum 48.5% win rate overall, not recent. (we can be flexible)
  • Minimum of 850 WN8 rating overall, not recent. (we can be flexible)
  • Minimum of 3000 battles. if you don't, then don't worry. Just apply and lets see what we can do.
  • Have at least three tier 6 tanks suitable for stronghold skirmishes.
  • A willingness to learn and be able to accept and give constructive criticism.
  • Mandatory interaction through clan website and forum at http://www.shellshockers.enjin.com
  • Sign up to our website and read our “Clan Legacy” at http://www.shellshockers.enjin.com\appform




What we offer:

  • An all NEW Payroll system (yes you get a salary for certain positions and duties) Read “Clan Legacy” on our website.
  • A dedicated, welcoming and flexible Team Speak platform.
  • A clan ranking system with specific rewards and perks. Read “Clan Legacy”
  • A dedicated website with up to date data on all clan matters, events, competitions and news.
  • A dedicated Forum for all to express and share anything through  http://shellshockers.enjin.com/forum
  • A dedicated Clan twitch channel for everyone’s viewing pleasure. (If you wish to stream for the clan, let us know so we may explore the possibility)  http://www.twitch.tv/shellshockers
  • A custom built mod pack for all our members.
  • Competitions with gold, premium tanks and days as prizes.
  • Designated Trainers for members if they require help with certain tanks (lessons in a private lobby).
  • Active AM & PM members (as in daytime) since we have members from many different time zones.



     As most clans, our ambitions are through the roof, we hope to take members on a journey with the clan as it reaches new heights (Strongholds, team battles, Clans Wars & World Map).



If you wish to join then please feel free to visit our WG profile page at http://eu.wargaming....clans/500052516  or message these particular people in-game, or complete our online application form, or visit our website, forum at www.shellshockers.enjin.com


  • dannymc84 
  • antskull
  • GigaTitan
  • deniseosull


We hope to hear from new members who wish to join the clan and help it grow!


Shell Shockers

Sincity_75 #5 Posted 09 December 2014 - 03:33 PM


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[BuHC] Buddhist Hippy Community – The Combined European Task Force


The Clan was founded the 18th of June 2012.

We have 70+ players which are led by very experienced leaders and field commanders, and each player supports other clan members. 

Our tactics are exceptional, our tanks are tough, our tankers are bold! 

Before we were a laid back clan, but we honed our objectives and now we’re off to challenge the strongest tankers out there! 

We combine the teachings of the Buddhist monks and the culture of hippies.Our tankers are like the monks, we defend our territory with our sharp skills… our Karma is strong! At the same time we’re friendly and cultural as the hippies were. We are not blindfolded by hate. We share our experience, history and our culture. We’re all here to make strong friendships and have fun!


Rules that we apply are:

  1. You must be +18 years some exceptions and you must know English well enough to understand other clan members, and understand the tactics. 
  2. You need to have TeamSpeak in order to communicate with field commanders and other members during events such as Clan Wars, Team Battles, Tank Companies etc. And it´s a extra plus if you have a headset.
  3. You need to be registered on our Web Page: http://teambuhc.eu/page.php?7 or Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/BUHC1/
  4. Always join Clan Wars when you are online this is how you can earn gold from when we land.
  5. A tier 10 tank isn’t a must at the start, but you must be on a good way to achieving it. We won’t rush you, we’ll even help you through the grind. 
  6. You must be tolerable and always open to jokes. Hard words can fall during the heat of battle, so don’t take all to heart. It’s never serious, we’re all humans, we say harsh things when we don’t give it much thought. But speak your mind always if someone isn’t treating like they should in the clan. 
  7. No racism, no nationalism, no chauvinism and other things, you get it! No disrespecting other clan members. We encourage you to report if anything like this happens to you in the clan, or if friendly clans we’re allied with do the same. We’ll take note and solve problems like this. 
  8. Whining all the time about non important stuff, or too aggressive behavior…doesn’t take us much to show the result of it. (possible kick) 
  9. Any suggestions, any problems, anything that is on your mind you can contact the Commander, Executive Officer or the Combat Officers. And they will work on it.
  10. Last and most important. Real Life comes first! Work, studies, girls, beer, sleeping…we will never treat you bad for these things.


TeamSpeak 3 parameters:  Ask for our ip adress in game  Nickname: InGame name

To gain access to TeamSpeak BuHC rooms, either poke our clan members within TeamSpeak that have permission or contact us within the game.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is a must!


If you want to contact us in game just send a message to: Sincity_75, hewey15, MIZUN67, keke696, smithydog, RogueFriday or GentlemanDZ1991


Welcome to join the Buddhist Hippy Community!! Peace, Love & Respect!

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