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Dawn of the SPGs

SPG Arty Ragequit Minigame Inception

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praetor_jax #1 Posted 10 December 2014 - 10:11 AM


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Francine: They're still here.
Stephen: They're after us. They know we're still over here.
Peter: They're after the base. They don't know why, they just remember. Remember that they want to be here.
Francine: What the hell are they?
Peter: They're us, that's all, when there's no more room in hell.
Stephen: What?
Peter: Something my granddad used to tell us. You know WoT? Voodoo. My granddad was a priest in Himmelsdorf. He used to tell us, "When there's no more room in hell, the SPGs will cross the map."
:arta: So, everybody is raging because spgs keep "clicking" them? Are you raging?:angry:
Try this little game i came up with yesterday after i ragequitted and jumped into a game of Zombie-Survival (a mod) in CS:S.
(normally i dont ragequit because of arty, but that oneshot yesterday was ridiculous)
Just play like you always do, but if you get killed by arty you become one of them! You re no longer a tanker! You re cursed! From the next game on you have to play an spg yourself, craving the blood of live tankers! :playing:
But there is a cure - if you manage to kill an spg you break the curse and you can play normal tanks again. :deer:
Its a game inside the game (GAMECEPTION!)!
Sounds silly? Yes it is, but somehow its also fun and it takes the rage away (at least that worked for me). :medal:
If you play arty anyway its a nice way of deciding when to play which tank.
If you normally dont touch arty dont worry, i ve found that tier 2 spgs are really funny.
And if you think that the cure is too easy to achieve you can of course make it harder - f.e. you have to kill an spg with a blindshot or you have to kill it without using the satellite-view. Maybe you even end your session as a zombie (pardon - arty)?
Just a little suggestion - try it! :)
See you on the battlefield!
edit: the above quote was stolen from wikiquote and then tankified - its of course "dawn of the dead"

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