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DOOGS - recently formed and recruiting

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Chin_Strapped #1 Posted 11 December 2014 - 06:26 PM


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen or my fellow tankers I recently posted an advert before which I believe may have caused offence to some people amongst you so first and foremost "I'am truly SORRY for any offence caused by my thoughtless advert it was not intend" now that's done lets try again :)


well the DOOGS is a newly formed clan I made up after watching a few things in random battles and seeing newbies or players who try there best to do well but just get abuse and insults by other players (unfortunately myself being one of those idiots too) I sat back after a particular random battle where I was a total (bleep) and thought its not fair and its not really there fault either.


taking my inspiration from Sir_havoc after watching his videos (look him up on facebook or you tube excellent tips and hints on how to play) and remembering something I use to do very well in a former job I decided to form my own clan and see if I can still bring out the best in people. after all id be happy to have one persevering and determined individual who keeps trying his best then a 100 elitist players with more ego then spirit.


so if you speak English (doesn't have to be university graduate level like some one thought I was implying in my last advert) and fancy taking your game further and having some enjoyment from the game then come say hello!!!


ps:the only thing I demand (yes this is a demand picky individuals) is that your not one of those players with an ego or worst of all one of them people full of insults or rage. there is no need for that especially the cancer provocations. anyone cheerful come say hello :)



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