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How Would YOU Define an "OP" Tank?

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Poll: How Would You Describe An "OP" Tank? (154 members have cast votes)

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How Would YOU Describe The Term "OP" In Reference To Tanks?

  1. The tank itself is completely overpowered. It takes next-to-no brainpower to play the tank and is in urgent need of a "nerf". (88 votes [57.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 57.14%

  2. The tank is good, though the driver has some sense of how to play it. In this tank, I could probably do well, though to play it really well, it would take some skill on my part. (30 votes [19.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.48%

  3. Both the power of the tank and player skill are equal in playing it. The tank is okay, though having skill will take it a long way. (11 votes [7.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.14%

  4. The power of the tank has nothing to do with whether a tank is classed as being "OP". It is solely down to the player. A tank is only ever good if the player driving the thing is good; the term "OP" is irrelevant. (5 votes [3.25%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.25%

  5. I honestly couldn't care less, (^^). (10 votes [6.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.49%

  6. Other, (if so, please specify in a post of your own). (10 votes [6.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.49%

If You Answered With Either Options 1 or 2, What Tanks Would You Say Were Currently Over-Powered?

  1. I don't really know. (73 votes [47.40%])

    Percentage of vote: 47.40%

  2. Here's my suggestion(s), (if so, please specify your selected tank in a post). (81 votes [52.60%])

    Percentage of vote: 52.60%

Thank You For Taking The Time To Vote, I Really Appreciate It!

  1. No problem! (73 votes [48.99%])

    Percentage of vote: 48.99%

  2. Meh, it was alright, I guess. (31 votes [20.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 20.81%

  3. Hmff! (45 votes [30.20%])

    Percentage of vote: 30.20%

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GrumblingGrenade #1 Posted 16 December 2014 - 06:54 PM


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Hello WoT community!


So, this has been a thought buzzing around in my head for a while now: how do you define whether a tank is "OP", (Over-Powered)? Many players have different views, which, in turn, should all be respected, though the term "OP" is thrown around an awful lot, and I was wondering: "How Would YOU Define An "OP" Tank?". Should the term "OP" even be in use? Is it ever necessary to call a tank "Over-Powered"? Does the term, in essence, boil down to the relative power of the tank or the skill of the player driving it? If you think that there are some "OP" tanks out there, what are they?


For Those of You Who Are Interested: My Opinion, (WARNING: LARGE WALL OF TEXT!)...


So, this thread is really just a poll for the masses to see how the majority of players would deem the term "OP", and if they regarded it as being relevant, to specify why and what tanks they'd view as being "OP".


NOTE: The opinions expressed in this thread should be respected and not ridiculed. Nor should any offensive language or insults be thrown around in this thread either. I know that the majority of you will already be aware of the forum rules, and for those of you who aren't, you probably know what's appropriate and what isn't, though for those of you who don't, respect the views of others and try not to raise too much tension. Thanks!



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XRey360 #2 Posted 16 December 2014 - 06:56 PM


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OverPowered Tank: Vehicle able to heavily change the normal average gameplay without care of the tier, opponents or map being used on.

Folau #3 Posted 16 December 2014 - 07:03 PM


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Well there is a massive variety in skill ceilings and floors.


Some "OP" tanks require alot of skill to extract the maximum from them, at which point they are ridiculous, but equally are hopeless played by a bad player. Other mask a players faults by being able to turn the tide of the battle unduly, though these may not have the same ceiling.


As examples (though I'm not necessarily saying these are OP) the T67 is a ridiculously good tank when played by a good player. RoF, speed, view range, camo, and it's pretty damn good, but played badly it will die extremely easily due to weak armour and low HP. A good player won't be spotted or will minimise exposure to enemy fire, and thus do extremely well. The same is true of the pre-nerf Hellcat.


The old KV-1S had high armour, decent speed, and the playstyle was one of the more basic - poke out, shoot, retreat, reload - with a high pen, high alpha gun. Most people could go off and do well in it without particularly having to be amazing.


Perhaps taking something in the middle - the T29 can be extremely good if a player knows the map and can abuse the hell out of the turret, but a bad player will get caught getting the hull torn apart. Hull-down play isn't a particularly niche skill, so most people should have an idea of how to do it, but the subtleties will catch people out.


Those examples are completely subjective, and everyone else will have different views, but generally I take a middle ground. Lots of things can make tanks OP so it's not a simple definition.

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Ace_of_Sp4des #4 Posted 16 December 2014 - 07:06 PM

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For example E25, if you know how to abuse your camo rating, choose right spots - you will be able to own enemies. But newbies playing this tank gets carried away by the speed it has, shoots a lot of shells and due to low penetration he gets a lot of bounces + gets owned because it doesn't have any usable armour. That's just an example but I hope you get it. :deer:



IMO OP tanks are those tanks in which you don't need skill, just go yolo and get good results. (like pre nerf kv1s) ;)

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GrumblingGrenade #5 Posted 16 December 2014 - 07:09 PM


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View Postmccqa, on 16 December 2014 - 06:06 PM, said:

For example E25, if you know how to abuse your camo rating, choose right spots - you will be able to own enemies. But newbies playing this tank gets carried away by the speed it has, shoots a lot of shells and due to low penetration he gets a lot of bounces + gets owned because it doesn't have any usable armour. That's just an example but I hope you get it. :deer:


I get it completely! That's one of the examples that I had in mind! I suppose the same applies for tanks such as the Cromwell; great mobility and speed, yet if you want to camp, somewhat poor accuracy, inadequate camo ratings and dreadful armour will mean that you will not last too long, let alone not fulfil the in-game potential this tank has.

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Enforcer1975 #6 Posted 16 December 2014 - 07:09 PM

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Some tanks are quite OP in certain situations, some are OP in every situation. If you know the strengths you can abuse them until the tank is on the OP radar. We shouldn't completely take the user out of the equation although the only constant is the tank, but a good tank can be f.e. bad in the hand of a tomato, above average in my hands and OP in a unicums hands. If the tank would perform OP in a bad players hands you can consider it OP then WG should check their numbers.

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Vajsravana #7 Posted 16 December 2014 - 07:20 PM

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I don't think there are many really OP tanks in game...


There are many tanks in the category "powerful, if you can manage it", where you need a high skill level to properly exploit the tank.

And there are as many in the category "easier than average", where even if you are a newbie, you are still able to get decent results.


But to me, a tank is really OP only when it falls in BOTH categories, and every kind of player usually overperform in it, no matter how much skilled.

I can't think of such a tank currently in game, but maybe it's just me...

EmperorSafirius #8 Posted 16 December 2014 - 09:48 PM

    Lieutenant Сolonel

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Well, IMO, an OP tank is a tank that, basically, even newbish players can perform easily well.

KV-1S before the split, was a good example. Ye, if you wanted to pwn alot, you had to know more than basics, but even news could get 1, 2 kills with it without being supermen/women.


If a tank has one shot capabilites and the chance to let of another 1,2 shots while being underfire, it can be that too. Like KV-1S had the troll armor that bounced alot, and the speed too.


Kr1szo #9 Posted 16 December 2014 - 10:25 PM

    Staff Sergeant

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Something is OP if it performs better than the other tanks in the same tier. I consider tanks OP that worse players can do better in, maybe not as well as good players though, but still better than they could in an another tank in the same tier (don't confuse it with arty, arties aren't OP, even though bots and really bad players can do damage with it, it won't perform better than other tanks overall.)

These include a lot of autoloaders(3 that I've played); the 50 100, t54e1, t57 (but not the batchat line imo). It's really easy to do a lot more damage in these than the other tanks in the same tier without much effort (you can compare server or even my stats).


There are some tanks like the cromwell, t-54, or even the new hellcat which are considered by OP by some, but I think they're fine now. The only really OP and broken tank is the t49 t67 currently in my opinion.

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Dominico #10 Posted 17 December 2014 - 12:33 AM

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An op tank is a tank that you consistently see having a massive impact on games.




Old hellcat

old kv1s.


Batchat platoons (not op solo so not sure if it counts)

Wte100 td autoloader bobbins.

Hetzer ( though i dont see it often carry i know its insane lol)

That old premium tank thats rare :/


I would say there are not really many op tanks now adays. As often they have great weaknesses combined. Some people get confused between tanks which take skill ie Cromwell etc and op.


Also some tanks are very strong in 1 situation ie t29 behind a hill but then crappy in others, like out in open. T30 too. So not op, though annoying.


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Zoltan1251 #11 Posted 17 December 2014 - 01:13 AM

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Definition: Tank able to destroy every tank of its tier without much effort or tank with too much armor making it impossible to be killed, by same tier vehicles. Because of this, bad players can do well in them.

Pz.J - nothing on its tier can penetrate its armor, any noob can operate this thing using premium rounds.... this is extreme case of tank requiring absolutely no skill

T18 (before nerf) - noob sits and one shots enemy tanks and is untouchable with its armour...... 
WT E100 - there is no tank in the game that can withstand one on one encounter with this
E25 - OP only in hands of good players
KV2 - in the hands of good player is brutaly OP, can wreck entire team
T37 - not noob friendly but most brutal light at tier 6, totaly owns anyone in strongholds..... needs nerf

Dominico #12 Posted 17 December 2014 - 02:41 AM

    Warrant Officer

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Kv2 is so far from op. Slow crap accuracy low armour. Slow reload.



I relish meeting these things in my Fury. Free kill.


That's a good example of op confusion.


Where as e25 is op in any hands. Good cammo. Low profile fair decent armour due to slope. Fast speed (gun and tank)


Its about the tank trinity. Firepower. Armour. Speed. Kv2 has only 1 of those. E25 2 i would argue 3 in abundance. 

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Polkadot9000 #13 Posted 17 December 2014 - 07:04 AM

    Warrant Officer

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I think that there is a great deal to be talked about here in precision of language.

There is a difference between game-breaking such as the deathstar or the WT auf E100 or arty which with a single shot or a single clip can absolutely wreck a tank, a poor game design choice and OP.

To me OP is the inability for it to be effectively defeated provided that the person doesn't massively [edited]up or get smacked by arty etc. There is a rock paper scissors aspect to the game, and an OP tank is one that kinda bucks the trend and beats everything else. Do I think there are tanks in the game like this, well there aren't any which an idiot can use and ROFL stomp, except perhaps a tier 9 VK that leads to the maus where people aren't firing premium shells. That tank is crazy because no significant weakspots that can be hit from 100m+.

As for do I think that any given tank can be a very powerful force on the battlefield, yes. Provided that the person playing it is capable, the Leopard 1 is statistically not an amazing tank, there are tanks which are better in pretty much every regard e.g. Obj. 140, all it has worse is a few degrees of gun depression and top speed worse by 9 km/h, yet still it gets okay server stats because people who play it know how to play it usually and do quite well.

clocky #14 Posted 17 December 2014 - 07:15 AM

    Warrant Officer

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T62A/Object 140 - op in the hands of a capable player. Worst medium in the hands of bad players


SU122-44 - op in the hands of almost everyone.


And this is what i find amusing. They only nerf based on statistics. So if a tenk is op because of skill level (russian tier 10 mediums) but doing bad stat wise ( yeah the number of bad players playing it is always >  than the good ones) they will never nerf it even if that tank is almost invincible in certain positions.

Mr_Burrows #15 Posted 17 December 2014 - 08:44 AM


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I can't cast any votes really since I can only think of one extremely OP tank in-game. And I have not played it myself, so... But anyway; the Waffeltraktor is so seriously OP it is beyond stupid. This is my experience anyway, always being on the receiving end. Scuttling along in my Obj.704, I get obliterated in about 5 seconds if I run into the firing line of one of those. Armour? No use against ultra pen. Camo? No time to hide from burst. 


The question is interesting though. Is the ELC to be considered as an OP vehicle? As of late, I usually end up doing well over 1000 dmg in every game I play, and snapping at the heels of 2K is not at all uncommon. Not bad for a tank that has 400 hp and is made from cardboard. Maybe it is I who needs a nerf?  


PanzerFaust_79 #16 Posted 17 December 2014 - 08:53 AM


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My opinion of an OP tanks:

Tanks that have so many advantages they can render the advantage an other tank might have invallid

Like most (here we go again) Russian tanks (specially the IS-line):

They are supposed to have "bad accuracy" but are fast, mobile and well-armed enough to come close to their opponent so that "disadvantage" doesn't count anymore and their alpha damage is high so with a couple of shots the other is gone.  And they also have good camo rating so an ambush is also a good option.


GrumblingGrenade #17 Posted 17 December 2014 - 11:59 AM


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These are all really relevant and good points; thanks for your input guys!


I'm not really sure about the Soviet Heavies and TDs. I think they are very powerful, indeed more powerful than they should be, and, despite their stats claiming that they are inaccurate, I've been sniped whilst travelling full speed in my Luchs by an IS-3 or IS, even a KV-85, on many occasions, and they are also seemingly very good at snap-shotting. Yet, I've seen some replays which show IS-8s doing very, very well in games, which is not just down to the power of the tank, though the skill of the player. Many tanks are very good, and would be classed as "OP" by many players, though an inexperienced player in that particular tank will do far worse than a player who has some idea of what they're doing.

julian509 #18 Posted 01 January 2015 - 03:12 PM


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i would suggest the matilda as an OP tank, that armour is strong enough to save it from even tier 5 tanks, and its gun has so much penetration that its pretty hard to have a non penetrating hit.

Codename_Jelly #19 Posted 01 January 2015 - 04:41 PM

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VK 45.02B



GTRaPToR #20 Posted 01 January 2015 - 04:59 PM


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Only epicly OP things were Type59 when it first came out and SuperPershing. SP was ridiculous at first.

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