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[TENTH] is recruiting !

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Ecoeco #1 Posted 17 December 2014 - 12:27 AM


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[TENTH] is a casual, social clan. We ask that potential recruits have at least 1000 battles and a 46% win rate, and that they have at least one tier 6 tank.


Higher tiers are preferred, as the clan is gearing up towards Strongholds and Clan Wars.



We are not a pro-clan, we are a social clan, and our goal to to have enjoyable experiences in game. We are looking for mature individuals who are looking to


have fun in a respectful environment.



We understand that most of the people that play games also have a life outside those games. We do this for fun, to relax and to socialize with like minded players to keep us entertained.


Here at TENTH, we look for players that don't just understand these principles, but also like to compete in the various game modes that WoT has to offer. While we are a social clan at heart, we make sure we focus on what's important. Winning. I mean fun.



We do not have the usual requirements that every single other clan in this game has. For instance, you play when you get online when you want to get online,


not cause you have to be online.



Our recruitment method is unique in that we give you the benefit of the doubt, there are no trials or platoons or anything that you need to go through (unless


you wanna) to get in. if you meet our standards, we'll send you an invite. It's that simple.


Please feel free to contact any of our recruiters or officers for info on how to join our ranks.   








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lnfernaI #2 Posted 17 December 2014 - 12:02 PM


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Im up for it. 950 WN8 52% 10,7 K battles. Accept please. Applied!

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