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Stupidest thing you've heard playing WoT?

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Spurtung #2561 Posted 09 December 2017 - 01:11 AM


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View Postcragarion, on 06 December 2017 - 08:26 PM, said:

Not playing but i got a new one for the forum this:


considering one died 40 years before the other one was born :facepalm:


I think you're too German to understand the very notion of humor.

Spurtung #2562 Posted 09 December 2017 - 01:13 AM


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View Postuglycousin, on 08 December 2017 - 11:44 AM, said:

Someone in my clan left yesterday, upset he "was not getting picked". That very day before quitting the clan, he played a few province defence battles and stacked up some 6k fap points. And he left. Because he "was not getting picked". :)




What a waste of fap points. :D




That's a lot of fapping, though not yet over 9000.

Cassie_b #2563 Posted 09 December 2017 - 07:09 PM


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'Fap' points...????


Am I gonna regret asking...?

uglycousin #2564 Posted 10 December 2017 - 01:59 PM


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View PostCassie_b, on 09 December 2017 - 08:09 PM, said:

'Fap' points...????


Am I gonna regret asking...?


Here. Fame points in Clan Wars campaign a.k.a "fap points". Top 11000 players gain the chance to buy a tier 10 clan wars reward tank. The higher you are in the "fap points" scheme, the better the rewards for you and your clan. :)

Matcorr #2565 Posted 12 December 2017 - 12:00 AM

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Got a message after a game by enemy M4 "You are under investigation for using illegal addons"




I think he's a bit annoyed I know how to aim and shoot.

Skip to the end, rest of the game is boring.

PowJay #2566 Posted 18 December 2017 - 04:54 PM


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Malinvka just now. I am in the Jackson in a tier VIII battle. Our VK 1001 P seems to be only interested in protecting the arty. He continues to sit at the back. And sit. And sit. And sit some more.

As the team starts calling him out for being useless, he asks what he is supposed to do in his slow tank. His slow. HEAVILY-ARMOURED, FULL HEALTH, TOP-TIER, HEAVY TANK.


He eventually moves to kill a T32 at our base. Meanwhile, while he does he first damage, I am on over 2K damage with four kills. Time out. Draw.


And all he can say is things like "go cry to your mum". WTF?

Strappster #2567 Posted 19 December 2017 - 02:17 AM

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Received a lecture after a battle finished from a player with 55k battles, 6,001 PR, absolutely adamant that the enemy AMX 13 90 was cheating because he's either got a 6-shot clip or a 5-second full reload. He refused to believe that the 13 90 had kept one shell back and not gone on to reload after killing our Ru 251 because he then shot our Skorpion ... who'd given him at least 30s to reload before he arrived on the scene. 


I think I got the lecture because I dared to say he was wrong but then he was complaining that everyone who shot him was using an aimbot all through the battle. :facepalm:

Baldrickk #2568 Posted 24 December 2017 - 02:13 AM

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He aparrently didn't like me shooting his KV-2 in the face with the KV-2, repeatedly.

And yeah, he won, so... not really sure what his problem was.  It was hardly like he had played an Ace Tanker level game.  I'd done over 50% more than him...

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PowJay #2569 Posted 27 December 2017 - 09:12 AM


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As I always say- I know I am not the best, but I do at least TRY to play well, so imagine this...


Serene Coast, starting south in the Object 268 in an all-tier X battle. I go to the central area and start working.


With the famous Soviet accuracy and pen, I recall tracking a Deathstar and bouncing off an Obj 140, but I did do some work in this position. The left (west) fell and I advanced on a badly damaged Patton. He shot me at least three times, but he was a one-shot kill. I took him out.


Now I was unopposed on the left and started for their base, but with two HTs and a JPz E100 left on the extreme right flank, I decided not to head straight for their base as I was now an easy kill for any one of them. I came back across the middle and took the east side from the south again.


All the time now I am being clicked on by an ally, who seems to want to know what I am doing, but I am proved right, because the heavy tank 5 has gone back to their base- probably with the intention of killing me. I bounce off their VK thing, but my ally can now kill him. I take down the Type 5 and we win.


I am still being criticised by our ally, who does not appreciate why I went south first. FFS. I have two kills, I have 3K damage, and I have helped to win the battle, and still someone has to have a go! Apparently, my (dead) ally did not appreciate the reason for me going south, even though it put their Type 5 back in base, and allowed us to approach the VK from two sides- as I expected. :facepalm:

K1M_JoNg_Un #2570 Posted 31 December 2017 - 05:59 PM


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That on the mini map 'north' changes depending on what side you start...

I even messaged the guy after the game and got told I was autistic...

Desyatnik_Pansy #2571 Posted 31 December 2017 - 11:14 PM


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Met some FAME Players on the enemy team. Don't really think much of it beyond they'll probably know what they're doing, but my team clearly thought different (and like many randoms when they see FAME).



Baldrickk #2572 Posted 12 January 2018 - 12:35 AM

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Baldrickk (18:49:49) you F* moron
Baldrickk (18:50:03) I can see why you have a bot level WR
Baldrickk (18:50:35) 32 THOUSAND BATTLES with 358 damage per battle? hahahahaha. you're soooo bad...

xxxxxxxxx (18:51:56) i could not care less about stats
xxxxxxxxx (18:53:07) when i want to play and the game isnt rigged im much better than any "pro" player that thinks the wn8 means something i owned loser in big clans and i was in worst tanks

Baldrickk (18:55:33) haha. I believe that - not
xxxxxxxxx (18:56:27) loser i have enough replays uploaded to prove iot so fu
xxxxxxxxx (18:57:00) and so far i had 7 rounds in my is7 and all of them was against tier 10 and i won 6 out of 7
xxxxxxxxx (18:57:02) nob

Baldrickk (18:57:24) oh? please show me then
Baldrickk (18:58:14) you have 6 battles in your IS-7
Baldrickk (18:58:51) I totally believe you are the best... I jest
Baldrickk (18:59:48) I mean, who would have thought that the IS-7 would see tier X battles?

xxxxxxxxx (19:03:50) i have 7
xxxxxxxxx (19:04:08) it didnt recoreded one the one i lost
xxxxxxxxx (19:04:41) noob i was only against tier 10 all tanks
xxxxxxxxx (19:04:47) not one tier 8 or 9

Baldrickk (19:06:32) so?
Baldrickk (19:07:34) you averaged 3 shots per game
Baldrickk (19:07:46) hardly fantastic

xxxxxxxxx (19:08:41) and won in a only tier 10 round
Baldrickk (19:09:06) no, your team won. you did bugger all
xxxxxxxxx (19:12:20) hahaha sure they won 6 rounds in a row
xxxxxxxxx (19:12:23) sure sure
xxxxxxxxx (19:12:40) why they dont win 6 rounds in a row when im low tier

Baldrickk (19:12:41) wait, you think you carried those games? really?
xxxxxxxxx (19:12:42) t?
xxxxxxxxx (19:12:52) yes i did
xxxxxxxxx (19:13:21) i got all the hits from the enemy so my team could flank and kill
xxxxxxxxx (19:13:24) stupid
xxxxxxxxx (19:13:29) thats why its a heavy tank
xxxxxxxxx (19:13:54) doesnt matter how much dmg i did

Baldrickk (19:14:13) hahahahaha
Baldrickk (19:14:17) omg
Baldrickk (19:14:19) really?

xxxxxxxxx (19:14:52) yea really cause i had games i did 5-6k dmg and still lost cause the heavy tanks did nothing just hide
xxxxxxxxx (19:15:12) and i in medium did 6k dmg and over 6 kills and lost

Baldrickk (19:15:32) uselessly tanking hits means nothing
Baldrickk (19:15:54) in what medium did you do 6k dmg?
Baldrickk (19:16:05) batchat has 3.5k max

xxxxxxxxx (19:17:31) bc25ap
xxxxxxxxx (19:18:10) its uploaded on wot replay i did i think 6 killsand almost 6k dmg and was a city map

Baldrickk (19:18:18) your tank with 600 games and 40% WR?
Baldrickk (19:18:26) one good game does not a good player make

xxxxxxxxx (19:18:37) like i sayd stats mean nothin
Baldrickk (19:18:45) ?
Baldrickk (19:18:51) one battle is an outlier
Baldrickk (19:19:00) one battle means nothing

xxxxxxxxx (19:19:06) i owned players with much much better stats on paper and in much better tanksthan me
xxxxxxxxx (19:19:42) yea thats why i have so many top guns , pools , radley walters , kolobanovs cause it happned 1 time

Baldrickk (19:20:47) So many top-guns? haha, I have 150% more than you. with less games played
Baldrickk (19:21:14) so interesting how bad players kid themselves that they are good

xxxxxxxxx (19:21:23) lol u who u think ur better than me and i have the same number of radley walters as u but i have poools medal 3 or 4 and more kolobanovs than u
Baldrickk (19:21:44) what did you do? camp at the back on assault games?
xxxxxxxxx (19:22:21) first of all i only play normal rounds the assault and others are disabled
xxxxxxxxx (19:22:28) and second i dont camp

Baldrickk (19:23:07) but you do go and drown yourself....
xxxxxxxxx (19:23:37) when im sick of this rigged piece of craprounds one after another yea i do that
Baldrickk (19:23:51) 88 games in the last day, 49 WN8 XD
Baldrickk (19:23:58) 43% WR
Baldrickk (19:24:02) yeah, you are so good

xxxxxxxxx (19:24:26) if i play 100 rounds in any tier lower than tier 10 im 99% low tier and when i play tier 10 they are all tier 10 i never saw a tier 8 or 9
xxxxxxxxx (19:24:54) cause i dont care out of 100 rounds 95 of them i leave
xxxxxxxxx (19:25:45) in the first 10k rounds i was yellow and then i saw the game is rigged and pay to win so i did not cared about stats anymore

Baldrickk (19:26:12) you're F* scum
Baldrickk (19:26:20) it's a self-fulfilling prophecy
Baldrickk (19:26:43) you fail out, you throw away the win. you rig the battles against your team
Baldrickk (19:27:15) why do you even bother playing if you are just going to kill yourself all the time?
Baldrickk (19:31:35) and you hit 668 WN8 at your peak.... that's not yellow

xxxxxxxxx (07:25:56) could not care less
xxxxxxxxx (07:26:03) rigged game i play it like it is


Oh yeah, and despite his claim, I've actually seen him in battle twice since then :sceptic: but he didn't manage to kill me.


The enemy team he was so scared of:

He had better watch out, those tier 6 prem tanks will be after his tier 8 tank!

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StuffKnight #2573 Posted 12 January 2018 - 03:57 AM

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PowJay #2574 Posted 16 January 2018 - 05:34 PM


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Fjords. Tier V to VII battle, starting SE and a platoon of two TOG IIs climb the hill. :amazed:


Four minutes later, they have finally reached the access to the top field at B7- just as the last enemy is destroyed.


Obviously, I expect two brand-new Premium noobs. Oh no. What a surprise. One has 57,000 battles and 60% WR. The other has 24,000 battles and nearly 54% WR. Between them they have fired ONE shot for a 12HP kill.


Then when I think that it couldn't get any more stupid- Grille SPG on Live Oaks, starting north, goes to the edge of the lake. He is next to last to die but still has not fired a single shot. This time no surprise- 18K battles and 46% WR.

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