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Stupidest thing you've heard playing WoT?

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BIZMARK_16 #2681 Posted 18 January 2019 - 11:16 AM


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Ohhh I’ve got a good one back when I was playing in my kv-2 R (yes I have the normal kv-2 but anyway) with my friends and some one on my team starts raging latterly 10 seconds into the match because me and my friends in heavy (me in my kv-2 r isa is in a KV-2 and kacpers in a O-I) and he starts pointing out my bad stats I’m no where near a good player but I never rage after a while my whole team starts raging at him he shoots me and tells me to uninstall I shoot him back nearly one shooting him he proseads to kill me and jumps on isa he doesn’t get banned after the battle he sends me about 200 messages I blacklisted him

War_Dwarf #2682 Posted 23 January 2019 - 05:55 PM


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hornyarty.PNGdoes horny arty count?

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Elefantas #2683 Posted 23 January 2019 - 06:23 PM


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don't focus on tier 8 (defender) with tier 10 arty (obj261)

cause you are going to get banned


edit : he was the only visible heavy atm

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War_Dwarf #2684 Posted 27 January 2019 - 10:15 AM


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Oh well,

I just had a T-10 in a tier 9 battle on Ruinberg. Start of the match, he starts crying about "rigged matchmaking" (he is top tier, mind you), because "where are our autoloaders" and how the game is surely lost. The enemy had an Emil I and a Progetto.

So what does this genius do? Sit in base all game crying about rigged matchmaking, how he won't play like this, everything being unfair, how he feels he doesn't press the "battle"- but rather the "(insert harsh word for forced sexual intercourse)"-button, and ends the battle (the enemy was roflstomped, how ironic) with 0 damage and 0 distance travelled.

Looked at his record; 33.6k matches with 47.8% wins. Gee, wonder why...

Baldrickk #2685 Posted 27 January 2019 - 01:38 PM

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PowJay #2686 Posted 29 January 2019 - 08:52 AM


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This is a corker and I have to share it with you.


Tier IV to VI battle on Airfield. I am in the Alecto. We start east and I go to my favourite rock on the extreme north where you can shoot enemies coming up and around the hill. I do some good work, I advance to their base and spot/damage their camping Marder and before you know it is game over. I am third on damage with 688 HP. :teethhappy:


I get this message after the battle: "thx for leech 6 kill"


I reply with a sarcastic "you are welcome" before I explain at length that I had no idea that I had "stolen" a kill and would have apologised for taking the kill shot until I noticed;




Humansland #2687 Posted 29 January 2019 - 10:41 AM


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View PostBaldrickk, on 27 August 2018 - 12:54 PM, said:

(12:07:38) So where were you hiding?
(12:10:00) Gypsy
(12:11:18) is charming. I just asked where you were. You do not have to call a gypsy because you sucked and lost the battle.
(12:26:17) Who are you ??
(12:26:44) I always lose the battle



0 dmg player ran and hid at the end.  I just wanted to know where he was hiding while our team capped.


Jó látni magyarokat erre :)

Cheezix #2688 Posted 29 January 2019 - 10:57 AM

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The most stupid thing you hear time after time is arty complaining about spots if the game is going slow. They are too lazy to even move, but they always need their teammates to suicide scout for them no matter what. Also arty drowning time after time showing the kind of cowards most of them are. Also your own arty trying to 'help' you with killing you while you're in close combat with the enemy. Also arty not relocating after the flank at their side has fallen, but rather dying while in the meantime complaining about "another noob team". The list goes on and on...

HeroThePilot #2689 Posted 29 January 2019 - 03:52 PM


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Poor insults that people make after they get killed first

reklakazala #2690 Posted 08 February 2019 - 10:29 AM


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Supid things:

here we go

1.you must go with heavy tank in close combat( no, heavy tanks are built for long range fire)

2.HEAT shell cant damage universe ( space ) armor

3. Soviet diesel engine catch fire twice much asUS and german petrol engine

4. thin armor vehicle bounce high velocity, big caliber guns

5.big caliber arty have stunt effect while big caliber tank gun dont

6.wunderwaffen TD dont have ammo at all , ( where is ammo rack in waffentraegger?)

7.same shell type and designation have different penetration values , depend on type of vehicle

8. now with new update there are vehicles faster than shell

9 best thing is  vehicles with open turret or no turret at all are not vunerable to HE shells

10. arty fire nuclear shells ( can damage light tank and heavy tank as well , when hit is within 10m)

11. same type of turret on one tank bounce shells and on other dont( IS and KV122)

12 there is no relation between armor and HP

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