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T-49 Ultimate Trolling Machine

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Evasion01 #1 Posted 30 December 2014 - 05:07 AM


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Some ppl. will love it other will hate it...T49 is the Ultimate Trolling Machine in World of Tanks,tank that is hard to master&can't be operated as usual scout that some of you guys use to,no this litle bugger can drive you crazy if you think that is just another light tank....

First things first forget about your armour couse there is no any of it especially when you facing mostly higest tiers in 99% of the games,speed is good but don't expect miracles couse you are not nimble as other Light's in the same tier.My advice is to try to reach the top speed at the begining of the match then find a good spot not far away from ally's tanks,spot&shoot once then hide or retreat in defence,keep always in your mind that 152mm need loooong time to reload and if you get into the brawling battle with almost any tank after that you miss your game is over.So 1Vs1 is not your cup of tea in most of the cases when you are facing a well armoured enemy.Great view range and solid camo can save your day but forget about the peeking&aiming couse the aiming time is horrible on 152mm and if you get spoted you will be tosted.So what is the deal then?Ahhh....Trolling at is best when enemy is not aware of you there is your chance,don't forget to keep your [edited]in the wolf pack and use your Trololo Gun when  an enemy tank shooting at your mate's....Trolo lo lo lo lo...aha ha ha ha.....trala la la la....

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Hogwild_Gankhammer #2 Posted 09 February 2015 - 09:37 PM


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Yeah it's a funny little tank, hilarity, frustration and satisfaction all rolled into one little bundle :)

Alezul #3 Posted 10 February 2015 - 08:09 PM

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In all my matches, i have never seen a worse gun on a non arty tank.


It needs to stand still so much that arty can aim and kill me before i am ready to fire. I feel i am being trolled a lot more than my enemy is.


Still, i won't give up on this crazy thing just yet. I'll make it work. If just to make waffles fear 1k damage from a puny little scout.

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