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Artillery Guide by Tyraforce v2.0

SPG arty artillery guide

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Hello everyone,


this is version 2.0 of my artillery guide originally published by FTR. As the guide started an extensive debate and enormous feedback, I felt it needed to be revised to better cover certain aspects and avoid some errors. Let me warn you, you are about to read 15 pages of stuff many consider “common sense” but other experienced arty drivers welcomed as useful. However, this is NOT a guide for new players to whom I'd suggest to check this guide first and come back to this one once they have played about 5k battles. For those who don't feel like reading 15 pages, I'd recommend this video guide and it's second part, which is the best I have found so far. Feel free to form your own opinion and use the guide to think about the way you play rather than something you need follow to the letter.

German version



Today we’re going to have a look at everybody’s favorite WOT vehicle class called SPGs, arties, f… clickers, scumbags, lucky bastards, sky pigs, sky cancer, cowards and worse (see FTR Hall of shame for the full family-friendly list). This is the first part of a 3-part guide that will cover nearly everything associated with these much loved vehicles WG blessed us with. The first part will cover general info and basic guidelines, which experienced players might not find as interesting. More advanced stuff will be covered in parts 2 and 3. Let’s get started.

Although some find it hard to believe, SPGs effectively reduce the amount of camping in WoT. When your platoon mates pick their SPGs you are very unlikely to pick your T95, E3 or Maus as you expect at least 1 arty to be present. If you expected 0 arty presence you would probably play those tanks more. While any tank can get artied, I rarely happens to the really good medium drivers who keep changing position in an unpredictable manner.
Also, artillery supports aggressive scouts (even the suicidal ones) and forces even the heaviest tanks to seek cover. The absence of arty would mean a lot of tanks would just find a hulldown camping spot and stay there never caring whether they are spotted. This would, in my opinion, create more Malinovka-like camping lockdowns and hamper the game. The effect on Clan Wars, where certain clans basecamp with 15 superheavies, would be even more devastating.
I do not expect you all to agree with me but before you wish arty was removed in the next patch, think hard about the long term effect this would have on the game.


Many claim SPGs are still OP and should be nerfed further. Well, looking at the hard data they don't look that OP. Looking at the damage of the current 36 tier 10s, SPGs average rank is 30/36 and they populate the last spots along with beginner tanks like Maus and IS7.

Many think they get killed by arty or even 1-shot way too often. Again, arties rank below average (23/36) even when it comes to kills per battle. To summarize, there are very few arties around (I'd say about 1.5 per team), they deal much less damage than most tanks and kill fewer targets than most tanks. Yet, people  will still whine... What's more, WG shows no intention or buffing or introducing new SPGs, while other classes get more and stronger vehicles. This further weakens their position in the game so if somebody should be whining, it's really the arty drivers.




Excelray1 on January 8, 2015 at 4:35 pm said:

"Playing Arty in my opinion is like Chess or a classic strategy game.

Anyone can easily learn and play it but it takes great skill to consistently do well in it.

As in anyone can click, but smart ones know where and who to click and when.
This contrasts starkly with the tactical shooter like stuff that goes on the other classes."


While arties are heavily influenced by RNG, it is well posible to deal reliable damage in high-tier arties you are familiar with. As saw in the previous section, the SPG results are pitiful. This is very much caused by  the fact that an average arty driver is unable to hit its mark most of the time. In fact, the average player can't even use the most accurate  SPGs in the game such as the Object 261 and  Bat arty, hitting only slightly over 30% of their shots. Just picture that the average Bat arty player will only hit 1 shell from its 4-shell magazine! I have about 46% total accuracy in my Bat Arty and 68% in my last 10 public battles where I decided to count it. I am sure these scores are nothing amazing and there are many players with even better scores. The low averages, however,  show that playing arty is not just about mindless clicking as many suggest and you probably need certain skills to even hit the enemies. 


In general, experienced players pick better positions, targets and aiming spot thus having a significantly higher chance to hit and pen. If you keep missing shots, you are probably doing something wrong as 40+% chance of direct hits is not that hard to achieve in public games with reasonably accurate SPGs. Many players believe that SPGs have lower skill requirements than other tanks. Well, this is a bit tricky so I’ll just list what I consider to be true:

1) A bad player will do better in SPGs than in any other vehicle. It is unlikely he will die in the first minute of the game, he will deal damage if he hits something and those HE shells he’s been using in his E100 will finally work for him… However, he will probably still be a bad arty player far behind the good ones.
2) A great player will not be able to influence the game as much when playing SPGs. While it is much harder to turn a game around or secure the win by killing 8+ tanks, you can still get a very good arty win rate. I recently realized that while grinding arties in solo random games, I have a consistent ~60% win rate. I recently finished grinding the Crusader SP, which I find the weakest of its tier and realized I have 68% (mostly solo) win rate in it.
3) SPGs give bad players a very good chance of killing players they wouldn’t be able to stand against otherwise. This causes much rage and all the “learn to play a proper tank” comments.
4) There is a big difference between a good and bad SPG performance. However, not as big as with other vehicles. To get a better idea, check the following picture:


This was a Prokhorovka battle with 2 Bat arties. While neither of the players is exceptionally good or bad, their general arty performance differs a lot as well as the performance in the specific battle. Notice that the player who dealt 6k dmg actually lost the battle (and didn’t ammorack anyone) while the 800dmg guy survived the battle and was not afk. Also notice that the worse player has many more battles in the Bat arty so he must be doing a lot of things wrong.


One of the funny aspects of playing arty is that players always complain that you got lucky. They have no idea where you were aiming, how exposed they were or where you are sitting but any shot that hits them on the move is considered "lucky". It gets especially funny when the shot was remarkably easy due to their own stupidity such as in this video by Mr. KV2.

If you only want to pick only one nation and are planning to play Strongholds, Clan Wars etc., then pick either UK or USA. Do not pick Germany as G.W.E100 is rarely used.

  • UK: FV304 is the most popular tier 6 SPG and a very unique, OP and fun arty to play. Also it gets used in tier 8 CW by some pro clans to deal with camps on maps like Mountain Pass. The tier 8 gets overlooked but can surely pull its weight in tier 8 companies and strongholds trading alpha for higher rate of fire and accuracy. The Conqueror GC has the highest shell arc of tier 10 artillery and is used on maps where other arties are useless by all respectable clans.
  • USA: M40/M43 is the best tier 8 arty on maps where you expect heavy tanks to appear. Both tier 9 and 10 American arties are used in CW for their huge splash radius on maps where you expect concentrated heavy forces. However, unlike the Conqueror GC they are not irreplaceable and some clans don’t use them at all.

For random games, any nation will do. They are all about equally enjoyable and they all include great and terrible SPGs. The vbaddict.net picture shows that at tier 10, the average damage per battle is pretty equal among all the nations. Note that GWE is frequently the first T10 arty people get and is seldom used in CW so experienced arty players prefer to train crews on other SPGs. Quite the opposite is true for the Conqueror so I'd say in the hands of a capable player all these SPGs will perform roughly the same.


I very much recommend skipping the low tiers by either using free xp or better yet getting to the arty line via another line. The Soviet way through KV2 is a good example. It is very strong and it unlocks the IS7 and IS4 lines in the process. Low tier arty gameplay is not very enjoyable as there are many fast-moving targets, games are short and you often get rushed in the first minute.

While different clans tend to have different preferences, this is the general classification:

  • B-C 155 58 (aka Bat arty) – Used only when you need to move your arty to a specific location very fast. At the moment it is only used on Province (AFAIK). Low damage combined with low penetration and splash is just bad for CW. Also the long reload will keep you out of the game if the enemy go for a rush.
  • G.W.E 100 – Rarely used due to poor mobility and camo. It is impossible to relocate and easy to counter. It can be used on maps which do not require repositioning and camo though.
  • Conqueror GC – Used to shoot over obstacles on mountainous maps and sometimes even on city maps. It is often used on flat maps in combo with another arty. It is probably the best arty for tank companies as it is useful on any map.
  • T92 – Used on maps where you expect heavy clusters that you can splash. Folterknecht’s opinion: “with 0.8.6 this thing became obsolete. I often have the impression the only reason its still used is that many FCs don’t pay attention to arty and don’t know about the nerfs that thing received with 0.8.6 - the firing arc is worse than the GW-E nowadays”
  • Obj261 – Used when you need none of the above. Widely used for its mobility and great rate of fire.

The following picture shows the shell arcs of all five tier X arties. The Bat arty is almost identical to the t92 so it is not displayed. Thanks to Xen for the effort of drawing this.



In general, the higher you are the deadlier you are. Contrary to the popular belief, camping higher DOES NOT increase the accuracy of indirect fire (we will cover direct fire later). Instead, it gives you more options as your arc will be higher as your gun elevation usually remains the same or very similar. You will be able to shoot over higher obstacles and have a steeper angle of impact, which is useful on all but few maps with most arties.
Looking at the picture above again, it is clear that if you want to shoot over a tall obstacle, you should position so that it is halfway between you and the poor victim (where the arc reaches its top).
In other words, GET ON THOSE HILLS whenever you can! When behind a reliable line of your team you do not need to sit in a bush, which is what most arty players are obsessed with. For example, there is a little hill in Serene Coast J2/J3. Most arties hide behind it. I tend to stay on top as long as my team can hold the central valley. Bushes are in most cases as they “disappear” whenever you fire that monster of a gun. Also, being in a bush makes countering you much easier even if you move after each shot.
Use even slight slopes to gain elevation in certain situation every inch counts. Here is an example of a pretty hard shot taken thanks to a slight elevation bonus:




  • The big choice to make here is what to pick for your first skill Brothers in Arms (BiA) VS Sixth Sense (SS)+ SnapShot + Camo. When I originally suggested the second option, I got abused a lot as "all pros go for BiA first". Well, I finally took the time and checked what BiA gets you in terms of shots per battle. I know there are other minor effects but aiming time is hard to compare due to the effect of Snap Shot so IMHO it all comes down to reload time in this comparison. An average WoT battle takes about 7 minutes and I'd say a ~35s reload time is about average for tier 6-10 arties. The table below clearly shows that you are NOT going to get another shot with and arty such as the GWE thanks to BiA even if the battle lasts for 13 minutes AND you always fire as soon as you reload (super rare). All BiA really gives you is the ability to deliver your damage slightly earlier with the first shots being less than 1s earlier and the others really depend on how much time you "waste" looking for targets while reloaded. SS and camo help me survive the lower tiers full of suicide scouts and unpredictable players, it helps me get into more risky position and allows me to fire more shots than BiA would. Therefore, I choose to remain a noob and go for SS first, BIA second.

  • Camo is very useful for low tier arties but becomes much less useful later on. I still stick to it but feel free to get rid of it if you need other skills.
  • Snap Shot works for any barrel movement and should be your first or second skill.
  • Clutch Breaking makes you turn faster, which makes you fire many shots sooner. It is also very useful in TD mode.
  • Off-road Driving is less useful than Clutch Breaking but still not bad
  • Intuition is useful with 2 loaders and heavy AP use. It’s useful when you penetrate with AP and decide to load HE to finish a low HP tank about 5s into your reload or when a medium emerges from around the corner and you need that AP shell to even have a chance of killing it.
  • Deadeye is only useful if you use AP shells a lot. It does not work with HE.
  • Designated target supposedly only works when you have a direct line of sight to the target -an ok 4th skill for some SPGs.

My setup:
Commander: SS, BiA, Camo, Recon
Gunner: Snap Shot, BiA, Camo, Deadeye
Driver: Camo, BiA, Clutch, Off-road
Loader1: Camo, BiA, Intuition, Stowage
Loader2: Camo, BiA, Intuition, Adrenaline


"Pro" setup:
Commander: BiA, SS, Camo, Recon
Gunner: BiA, Snap Shot, Camo, Deadeye
Driver: BiA, Clutch, Off-road, Camo
Loader1: BiA, Camo, Intuition, Stowage
Loader2: BiA, Camo, Intuition, Adrenaline


As you can see, SPGs only really benefit from 3 skills with the 4th bringing no significant advantage. Therefore, I suggest not wasting female crew members on SPGs ad they have the potential. of reaching more skills.


  • Rammer is a must
  • Gun Laying Drive is a must
  • Ventilation is a must when possible to mount

And now it gets really interesting. Most argue that vision is better than camo. Some go for Binos, others like Folterknecht suggest Optics for the third slot. (read here). I personally like to stick very close to my team and prefer Camo Net as I don’t need to spot my targets, however, I’d agree the vision stuff is better for endgame TD mode. I have been testing binos for some time now and can’t say I feel the difference so I won’t make any suggestions here. I also like a Superheavy Spall Liner on my GW E100 as its bad mobility makes you easy to counter and your surprisingly strong armor is often not penned by HE from shot by regular tanks. I believe it has saved me more times than any other equipment would have.


  • Premium food is definitely worth using with higher tier arties. Buy it ahead for 10k credits and the investment can even be a profitable one. As you can see in the table above, there is a decent chance of food giving you 1 extra shots per battle, which can be about +10% damage.
  • Repair kit and First aid kit over Fire Extinguisher for fixing splash damage. Arties don’t burn much. If you do, you’re most likely dead already or need to heal and repair stuff to remain effective.



AP is only recommended for very experienced players and arties with VERY high pen like Obj. 261 and T92 (~370 pen), which will pretty much pen anything you hit at a reasonable angle incl. some otherwise tough upper plates. The downside is less module damage and no splash damage/tracking on close misses. Switching between AP and HE requires a lot of experience and I have to admit I still haven’t mastered it enough and it is pretty hard to explain anyway. This is where Folterknecht comes in with his tips when not to use AP with Obj261:
“Don’t shoot (or load) AP:

  • at low health targets-
  • at extreme ranges
  • at LTs – 102mm HE pen are usually enough to pen anyway. More or less everything with light armor. If you don't pen you track them and a standing light in the open...
  • at meds that are moving randomly and fast. An E50 or Patton poking over the same ridge every 8.673 sec is fair game. Russian meds are low profile and have bouncy turrets, stick to HE.
  • if it is not clear which tank will be your next target
  • IS7, E3 frontally usually bounces, some goes for IS4 frontal turret. Now your accuracy is good, but not good enough to make sure to hit the front hull and not the turret front of an IS4.
  • If it’s likely that the enemy will show you his [edited], when you are ready to shot. Often enough you will penetrate with HE. Even if that fails, you will do more HE damage than usual, because of thin armor there. Exceptions here are German t10 heavies, as even their rear armor is more than 100 mm thick. In case of the E100 there is of course the chance to pen the engine deck with HE”.
  • E100s and Maus drivers who know how to side scrape.
  • T95s – frontally you usually bounce and hits from the side and rear with HE will often get a nice barbecue going or even penetrate. Who wants to miss that one?”

HEAT is nearly useless as arties hit under weird angles and you never know for sure which part of the tank you will hit. However, some specific SPGs such as M41 HMC have 700 dmg/240 pen HEAT, which is kida brutal at tier 5 allowing you to 1-shot some heavies.

PREMIUM HE is useful but by no means required in these situations:

  • CW, at least the ones where the enemy actually stand a chance – running a CW SPG is VERY expensive.
  • Countering artillery – as most can be killed with splash damage.
  • Shooting moving targets where tracking can be deadly – 1shot on Mines should be premium and track those meds going up the hill.
  • Splashing targets in cover.
  • Endgame stage where every shot counts and there are a lot of low HP tanks.
  • Folterknech: “splashing into and slowing down the initial enemy tank deployment (hill rush Mines, Karelia) at the start of the game”


HE is what you use in the remaining situations.

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In public games, most arties start heading to their favorites spots right after the countdown is over. Let’s make sure you’re not one of them. Before the game starts, evaluate the enemy team and predict where the top players and top tanks will push. When the game starts, wait to see where your capable players and tanks are going. Now you have to estimate 1] which side of the map your team is likely to hold 2] where will the decisive fight take place. Your position should be somewhere behind the guys you trust to hold the line. The more you trust them to hold, the closer to them you can be, but remember to keep an obstacle between you  and the enemies at all times. It is perfectly sound to hug a sideline and move forward a few squares so you can get side shots in the enemies on the other flank and avoid their frontal cover. It is commonly believed arty shoots you over your hard cover and most really do. This is not ideal, however, as a lot of shells will hit that cover. A well-positioned arty shoots your side while avoiding your hard cover altogether, which is what all the mobile arties should try to accomplish whenever possible.


As Folterknecht pointed out, all of the above depends a lot on what arty you are driving and how much time/mobility you have before first enemies are likely to be spotted. Some maps don’t require you to make such choices and missing your shot at people going up the hill on mines would be a huge mistake. Early damage is very important so you might want to reverse a bit, take the first shot and relocate later.


“Noob team!” is the usual message bad arty drivers use when they die early to 5 enemy heavies. While you can blame your team for not killing a scout you cannot blame them for not sending enough tanks to counter those 5 heavies. You don’t need to win both flanks to win the game and in most games one flank will fall. Using the arty view, you have the best overview of the battlefield and the ability to predict a push before it happens. If you don’t think your side can hold, it’s time to move no matter how slow you may be. If you die a lot, consider asking the “Am I still safe here?” question after each shot.
The following picture is from the same battle as the picture above. It is a typical example of wrong arty play that I encounter way too often.


Since western part of the map is clear, I’m relocating to get away from the enemy who have 2 fast tanks probably crossing the bridge to get the arty. Notice that our other two SPGs are not relocating and get slaughtered 30sec later blaming the “noob e100” for not sniping a speeding Bat Chat. In the bottom right corner you can also see the enemy arty who didn’t bother to move either.
No arty is too slow to relocate IF you watch the map closely and do so in time. Getting 2 extra shots out is in most cases not worth the early loss of your vehicle. Getting killed every time your team loses a flank is not acceptable.


However, also consider what Folterknecht has to say: “In the late game when it’s still relative close be it HP, tanks or positioning 2 „certain“ kills or full hits can be the deciding factor. And in case of incoming autoloaders they also often deplete their clips to the point that they can’t take out friendly tanks that are coming to save you or the cap. So taking these 1-2 or two shots and playing sacrificial lamb after that, can be more useful as taking the grand tour around the map. That comes all down to situational awareness and experience. Also a heavy who takes the first enemy shot and an arty playing TD can be a deadly combination.”




If at all possible, don’t be anywhere near the base when the enemies come to cap. Once again, if the enemy tanks find you in the base it is purely your fault as people have better thing to do than to babysit the arty. You have tracks – use them! However, there are certain bases where you can remain hidden while spotting the cappers so always consider this option before you head out.
Check the picture below where my noob self and a random unicum (in a slow tier 8 British arty) relocated (purple arrows) to cover the base. As the team provided no spots, I fired blind and hit a capper in the most obvious spot. I chose to fire 10s before the cap would be over to have time for my last shell if needed. The FV waited, watched my shell connect and then finished off the same target securing the win.
The important thing here is that if you are the only person who can decap, and the cap is high, you have to think about your reload time and IN SOME CASES wait till ~90% to buy your team the maximum possible amount of time.


As for where to blind fire, players of yellow or worse rating (who represent about 90% of cappers) tend to use any cover there is, even if that makes them an easy arty target. In this particular game all my allies were spotted near the enemy base and still there was somebody behind that rock, which really offered no benefit in such situation. Better players tend to stay in the open, which makes blind shots a lottery and it might be better to go in TD mode.


First of all, any combat that may result in you being exposed if of the highest priority and all the following info is only relevant when you are safe.
You should generally be focusing the area where the battle will be decided. If you manage to kill an important tank in a 10 vs 10 fight, the fight can go 5:10 in your favor. If you interfere with a 2 vs 2 fight you can never have such impact even if that guarantees a 0:2 result.
Next you should prioritize fights where a lot of HP is traded and both sides are ready to react to a sudden change in HP balance. Also, you should support the flank that is likely to lose but ONLY IF you think you can significantly influence or prolong the inevitable. There is no point in helping your 2 friends who are being rushed by 6 enemies no matter how cruel it may sound.
Also, players in prolonged fights are more predictable and thus easier to hit than a charging wolf pack.
Folterknecht: “This comes down to experience again. Sometimes it makes more sense to support the main engagement and sometimes it's better to support the weaker allied flank to just slow down the enemy, giving your team more time.”

There is no way to describe what exactly you should be focusing. Some guides offer a priority list usually starting “SPG, TD…”. This could work for new players but as you get more experience you should make your own judgment based on these parameters: 1] Chance to hit, 2] Threat level, 3] Estimated damage


1] Chance to hit is self-explanatory. The “skill” part is to know your chance to hit before you even aim at a target. Basically you should know how hard it is to hit certain positions from your location. Another overlooked factor is that some tanks are harder to hit that others. Everybody knows he can hit Maus but few realize that low-profile tanks like Rhm. Borsig are hard to hit in arty with low shell arc. Finally, good players, medium and light tanks are generally harder to hit while they keep moving a lot. When they stop or move predictably, they make an esy target with high 1-shot potential.


2] Threat level is in fact a combination of four factors - tank, player, position and “life expectancy”. You should know the most dangerous tanks of each tier and the really bad ones. A T29 is usually more dangerous than Panther II even if it’s a tier lower…well…unless there is a great player driving that Panther. There are many useless positions in the game you should learn to recognize. For example all the noobs camping in the central hills of both sides of the Steppes are no threat and will rarely influence the outcome of the battle. There is no point killing them if you can shoot somebody who is actually doing something useful. What I mean by “life expectancy“ is how long you expect that tank to survive in the current situation. A hulldown t29 with 100HP left can be a bigger threat than a full E75, which is about to be flanked by 2 meds.PIC 09



3] Estimated damage depends not only on the tank armor but more importantly on its orientation and the angle of your shell. HE shell damage calculation ignores the angle of impact and deal more damage if the hit a weakly armored part such as the engine deck. Your aim, however, is to penetrate the armor completely in which case you deal the full damage of the shell. Please, check my terrible picture to get a better idea about the tank orientation. Also note, this is all about HE shells. AP shells were discussed in the previous post and the damage calculation is much easier there.



Tier 10 arty shells hit the tank at approximately 30-45 degrees depending on arty type, range and elevation difference. This is a huge simplification but it will work for what I’m about to explain. When shooting a regular tank from the front (pic 1), the only shell that’s very likely to penetrate (green) goes into the engine deck. However, it is partly covered by the turret so the chances are rather slim. Also notice that the second line can hit the gun barrel which often causes a 0 dmg critical hit even when hitting soft tanks. Shooting tanks standing sideways (2) is slightly better, however there is an increased chance of missing the tank completely, especially if it has a low profile. In my experience the sideway dispersion is generally lower than the range dispersion. Shooting the back of the tank (3) is mostly a penetration. Be sure to aim for the rear part rather than the turret if you can. However, it’s the tanks on uneven terrain that make the sweetest targets (as long as they are sloped toward you). There is roughly a 90% penetration chance as most turret tops can be penned.
Turretless TDs are easy to penetrate as you only need to avoid hitting the front – in most cases aim at 2/3 of the tank length.


Should you go for their best player, hit an AFK TD or kill that 200hp guy? Generally, I play for the team and go for the biggest threat as much as possible. However, if your team’s chance to win is either very high or low, I allow myself to farm damage and sometimes even kills. It is mainly a decision between better WN8 or win rate. Please, note that unlike all other tanks if you are in a clan, which tends to fight clans of comparable skill, you will get more arty damage in Clan Wars than in public games. Dedicated CW SPG players tend to boast about 4k dmg per battle, which is almost impossible in randoms.


In balanced battles hitting a low HP target is generally a bad idea as they usually die soon anyway. There are exceptions though. Killing a great player is usually a good thing (I already smell the flame… as they tend to go back and snipe when low on HP and they still pose a big threat even if they are forced to stay. It is also a good idea to kill targets you know you allies can’t finish due to troll armor, the fact they managed to find cover or quite often your team’s stupidity (like when they don’t know where to shoot them). Targets flanking your allies may also be worth a shell as they often turn tour allies around.
When you mark a target and your team kills it while your shell is on the way, it is completely your mistake. Never blame your team for this.  First, you clearly picked the wrong target. Also, arty marker never guarantees the kill (RNG) so it is actually a good idea to finish arty-marked targets if you can do it safely. Lastly your shells not only reduce HP but also cause substantial module and crew damage. You have the ability to disable a full HP tank and you should use it. However, this whole section also depends a lot on what arty you are driving – mainly it’s alpha and reload time. Finishing a 200HP ISU with you FV304 is acceptable while generally a bad idea if you’re driving a Conqueror GC.
Note: Getting a lot of kills is the easiest way to get the Ace Tanker, for which you mostly need about six kills.

Folterknecht’s view: "Solo random I usually don't mark my targets anymore, especially when I’m not the only arty my team. I see it too often that morons do their best to make sure I waste my shell. That can be by suiciding right into them or arty noobs playing dice just firing without aiming, trying to „steal“ damge/hp. Now don’t get me wrong, there are occasions where I coordinate my play with certain tanks/players in random but that usually is very limited. I will make 1 maximum 2 attempts to get their attention. If they respond in a reasonable way (gameplay wise) they will get my support. It’s usually the old timers with a high battle count and at least ok-stats, that still remember that one can work with arty."



Now this one is tricky. When working with some random guys make sure to always mark your target and pay attention to what they mark. The problem is, you never know at which point they mark the target as some do it 15+s before they are loaded (I suggest 5s before you fire). For this reason I would only cooperate when they are shooting a reasonable target neither of you is able to 1-shot. If one of you manages to track it, it'll be easier for the other one to hit it afterwards. The problem is that tracking a moving target may cause the second arty to miss.
When platooning (an I think 2+ SPG platoons are a bad idea for good players) you can of course work together very well with the weaker arty doing the tracking. When hitting startionary targets, hitting them at the same time is a good idea as long as you are not likely to 1-shot them. However, I would also suggest you take different postions whenever posible to cover multiple angles. This also means you can usually cover each other when a scout appears. 

I assume you know how countering SPGs works. If you don’t, check some elementary guides or youtube videos. While 1-shotting an arty is certainly pleasant, I think most people remember that sweet feeling rather than those missed shots and shots that were never fired as they were scanning the map for the trackers. In short, I don’t believe countering is worth the time unless:

  1. you have nothing better to do – there is no way you can get shots at what is spotted. This happens a lot at Erlenberg and Malinovka, when each team takes 1 side of the map and the 15-minitute campathlon begins.
  2. you have a very long reload and can spend the time watching possible arty locations. However, don't forget to observe how the engagements are developing.
  3. you happen to find the location of FV304 - rarely moves.
  4. you are against 3+ tomato arties – rarely move + take predictable positions in bushes.
  5. you are against a Bat Chat 155 58 player and you spot his tracer around battle time 13:50 – rarely moves between shells so you have 20-30 seconds to counter him.
  6. arty threatens to decimate your team from a very strong position, mainly A0 and J9 Himmelsdorf (yes, I do mean the city map most arty drivers hate for some unknown reason)
  7. there is a dangerous arty 2 tiers higher than you and you can’t do much damage to other top tier tanks.

In public games countering is pretty rare. I don’t have the data but in my last 100 arty games I only noticed 1 failed attempt to counter my arty. However, if you are ever planning on joining CW, I strongly suggest you learn the habit of moving after each shot without even thinking about it. Countering in CW is much more common as the players are better (some clans have dedicated scumbaggers) and teams often share info about arty location based on incoming fire (rare in public games).

Other than moving after shot I suggest not sitting in the very corner of the map or other obvious spots and not destroying anything. Or you can choose to destroy stuff it in fast arties to bait the enemy into countering attempts. It works great in games with many arties and it draws fire from your fellow scumbags. Speaking of fellow scumbags, stay away from them so that your tracers don’t appear on the same screen. Lastly, try staying away from any point of reference that can be seen in arty mode. When a tracer is spotted, you automatically try to remember its point of origin based on the nearest memorable object. The ideal spot is therefore “in the middle of nowhere” far from any memorable object (rock, bush, house).



FROMtheSKYwithLOVE added: Know thy reload, aiming time and versatility of your vehicle - how long it takes to turn around in various angles. For example, my GW Tiger reloads in approx 40 seconds. It takes approx. 13 seconds to fully aim, it takes about 7 seconds to turn 90 degree. Which means if I'm moving and want to fire immediately when I finish reloading, I need to begin positioning 20 seconds before reload completes, and start aiming 13 seconds before reload completes.

Right after you fire, MOVE! You can do this in God mode still, if you know you terrain and can maneuver your vehicle blindly on it (without destroying any objects which would give away your position should the enemy be watching), this will allow you to slightly reposition while still keeping an eye on possible arty positions.

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Arti drivers should be the most “talkative” players on the team but few really are. Talking to your team sure influences your win rate and many players are happy to work with arty when they realize you are ready to cooperate. Having an ally pull and track an enemy in the middle of your aiming circle is one of the most satisfying moments of playing arty. Due to your long reload and minimal movement you can use the chat and shortcuts more often than others. You also have the best tactical overview thanks to arty view and can see the HP situation anywhere on the map. That said, while you cannot expect your team to always listen or work with you, it is still worth doing no matter how many times you get frustrated. That said, communication is not about spamming so consider how useful each piece of info is for the team.



Here is what you can do:

  • Always mark your target (“T” by default) about 5sec before you fire. An experienced player will see the marker and stay away from the target. A great player will track the target as he will likely get more xp than if he shot it himself. Sometimes, players can’t penetrate the tank they are facing but they can still track it. If they see your marker they often will. Once again, do NOT expect your teammates not to kill the marked tank and “save” it for you.
  • If you can kill or seriously damage a tank which is trading with a friendly tank, mark the target and follow with the “reloading” button to show how soon you can hit the target.  Experienced players will stay in cover and let you hit it conserving their HP. They attack when the shell lands and often shoot a disabled and disoriented opponent (if there is anything left to shoot).
  • In case 2 tanks are dueling in close proximity, mark the target about 10s before you are ready to fire to give your ally time to get safe and then mark it again after another 5sec. If they don’t get safe you’ll have to make a tough decision based on your experience, accuracy and shell travel time. In general, I’d advice taking a risky shot ONLY if your ally is going to die anyway OR he is much less valuable than your target AND in both cases only when you have a decent chance of killing the enemy tank. Under and only under these conditions, I consider killing an ally fully acceptable. Make sure you evaluate the chances of your allies correctly. A good 1HP medium player can dance around a tomato for 10 minutes without being hit or rammed once so be sure you take their skill into account (XVM ftw again).
  • Click the map and press “Help” or “reloading - loaded” to mark what tanks you need spotted but only do so if there is somebody who can actually do it and there is nothing else you can shoot. 
  • Later in the game when a new target gets spotted use “negative” to say you don’t have a shot or “reloading” when you need some time. Also, press reloading when you miss a shot. The last tanks are usually the best players who will listen and adjust their play based on the info you provide. I suggest remapping the "reloading announcement" button to "V" so it's easier  to press and right next to the button, which makes you reload © so you can press both quickly when playing autoloaders.
  • Click your ally location and press “affirmative” to let the player know you are ready to cover him. The player will usually try to spot and will let you do your job knowing he doesn’t have to take risks while aiming his shots. This is very useful when you have 2 tanks on opposite sides of an obstacle. An experienced player will push the enemy out of the cover and allow you to take a shot when he knows you are loaded and aimed.
  • Based on your general experience, you can also provide other info for your team. Most players don’t have the time or skill to count enemy tanks. Messages like “5 enemies left, 10 right. Push left.” Can decide the battle but don’t expect the team to always listen and be sure you have the necessary experience first.


RMB, X and M
To my huge surprise few arty players use these three keys effectively and some pretty good players don’t use them at all.
In arty mode RMB is used to look around the map while still aiming at the original spot. This is very useful when reloading to check whether you can hit certain tanks and to search the map for artillery tracers, fallen trees or just to assess the situation. Another thing you should know about is that you can actually press SHIFT while holding RMB. This will keep you aimed at the same location while you can check what’s going on around you, your current barrel elevation (which also tells you the angle of impact), and whether or not you can be spotted from certain locations. Before you release the RMB, you need to move the cursor back where you were aiming if you want to remain fully aimed.

The X key will prevent your hull from moving when you mouse outside your gun arc. Given the long aim time of most arties it is mostly not the best idea to follow tanks that leave your firing sector if there are other targets in it. I personally only use the A and D keys to move my hull and press X right after I do so to make sure I don’t have to aim twice.
Folterknecht: “Some artis with good travers + good hp/t on medium and solid terrain aren’t good to control only with A and D. Only using these two keys often results in „overshooting“ the intended target area, increasing the aim time. Personally I’m more of a mouse user here, though from time to time I also use A+D, when speed is of essence.”

If you use a big mini-map, disabling it with the “M” key for a few seconds in arty mode is quite helpful when looking at big areas of engagement like Mount Malinovka and is sometimes better than zooming out.


A high blind shot hit rate is what makes an arty driver a great arty driver. However, this is something that you don’t need that often in pubs. In public games many players will initially go to a bush of their choice and camp it hard till somebody comes in range. The good news is, an arty shell can get there before they fire their first shot or before other targets get spotted. Give the campers time to get to position and aim behind the bush (about 20m with standard arc). Different bushes have different probabilities of being occupied and also different occupant skill levels. Try avoiding the tomato bushes located mostly within 100m of the enemy base. A few maps have bushes with 75+% hit probability, which don’t get too much blindfire and are considered “safe”. Find them and nuke them. If you take a lot of blind shots during a battle, take a screenshot of your dmg log at the end and compare it with the battle results. Check if you hit, what you hit and consider whether it was worth the shot in order to improve your blind shots in the upcoming battles.
However, all this is only viable when there are no other targets and generally recommended only with arties with short reload. Folterknecht also pointed out blind shots at enemies lumbering through destructible objects, which, however, requires a LOT of experience.


In general, you can’t kill good arty-aware players unless you are preaimed or get extremely lucky. On maps like Mines and Karelia you can be sure to get some shots on mediums lumbering up the medium hill at a certain game time. You should know when you have to stop moving and start aiming your first shots. The same goes for most maps but the probability and efficiency might be lower. In general, try to deal some early damage to put some fear into the hearts of the enemy.

In combat, most tanks move in position, aim, fire and reverse. The better the player, the faster the process. Their aiming takes them about 2s (knowing the approximate aiming time helps), which is roughly the usual shell travel time. Therefore, you should fire when the tanks stops and in case of good tier 10 players even before it stops. The tick is knowing where the tank will stop. To predict the spot, generally consider where it stopped last time or where you would stop considering what tank he wants to shoot. A lot of tanks will use the same firing position multiple times if they don’t get penetrated there. I suggest “clicking” about 1 second before I expect the target to stop so that he gets hit during the aiming process. This will often track the target in a partly exposed position and secure the kill.

Predicting enemy movement and actions is key. Watch the surroundings and try predicting what they are likely to do in the next few seconds. For example, an enemy who gets shot will most probably move backwards while if his opponent gets shot he might move forward for the kill.


Turetless SPGs can only cover certain area without turning their hull. Most are able to turn and fully aim between shots, which makes many players careless about the correct field of fire. They pick their next target center their field of fire on him or just include him anywhere in it and aim. While this is not terribly wrong, you can certainly do better. In general, your field of fire should cover the area of your target, the area where it is likely to move as well as other areas where other targets may be spotted. On the other hand, it should not cover inaccessible or seldom visited areas. The reason for this is that while you are reloading, a juicier target may pop up and aiming at it without moving your hull will save you time, increase your damage and lower the chance it disappears before you can turn. In short, choose your field of fire carefully for each shot.




There are two general ways of aiming at a stationary target (mods aside) – pointing at a part of the target and pointing behind the target. Most players just click on the tanks whenever they can, which is really a bad idea if you are an experienced arty player and not an average one.


By aiming at the tank itself, you usually aim at the turret as it is usually very hard to aim at the hull in the middle of the tank, which is what you really want to hit. You can accidentally fire right after the tanks has disappeared, which often causes you to target the ground under the tank (Folterknecht: That can be circumvented by aiming and pressing the RMB, in which case the point of aim won’t change). Lastly, by aiming at the tank itself you don’t practice the other method, which you actually need in all the other cases. To see this aiming in action, check this short video guide.
To demonstrate, let’s look at a moving target (see another of my “beautiful” drawings).



Even if you estimate the target position correctly, I’m guessing quite a few of you would aim for the tomato area. Well, not a bad choice if you intend to track the target. If you want to kill it, however, consider the purple area which has a decent chance of hitting the engine deck. Now, this is a hard shot for sure and you’ll be busy leading you shell (left/right) so it really helps if you can set the range (up/down) without much thinking. The correct range depends on the tank height and shell arc so you really can use some experience here. This is why you IMHO should use this “behind the tank” aiming method most of the time unless there are obstacles that can mess this up.
Now, look at the two pictures below. They both show my Bat arty shooting the same Tiger II and were taken 6 seconds apart.



The blue cross indicates where each shot was aimed. The first one was aimed at the engine deck but hit the tracks instead (blue line) causing damage many would be happy with (wrong). The second shot is aimed behind the tank, far enough to avoid the tracks and penetrated the side armor destroying the tank (right). I chose to aim at the middle of the tank as I would have hit the turret if the shot had been too high and tracks if it had been low.  Also, it doesn’t matter if the tank moves or disappears – most shots will hit the side and pen no matter what. This, in my opinion, is how you eliminate most of the arty RNG ending up with decent damage in most games. Note: Those shots included some nice RNG. I do not claim it will always work like this but there is certain probability.

To use this method, however, you need to be familiar both with the SPG you are driving and with the terrain/shape of your reticle. If you have limited SPG experience or just grinding through a low tier SPG, aiming at the tank or using battle assistant mod (more on that later) will actually bring better results.


First, let’s talk about the endgame. In most city fights it is hard to get decent shots when there are few (mostly smart) enemies left and they stick to the arti-safe areas. In such situations you should go get them like a TD would. The important thing is you have to arrive before all your allies are dead. A lot of people go too late and thus have no impact on the game. You will almost always have the element of surprise on your side so use it. Few arties arrive in time so players generally don’t expect them to go in TD mode. Aim as much as possible and even take a hit if you can afford it. Note that while other allies are alive, enemies will not use HE against you and sometimes they won’t even notice you. In certain situations it is better not to fire but to take a hit or even die so that your low HP ally can finish the enemy. Make sure to explain what you’re doing and check that you’re not teaming up with a tomato. Here is a nice example of how you can distract the enemy when your friend is going for a rather unconventional kill (yup, he managed to land right on top).



When alone, your best chance is finding a bush and using camo net + crew camo + stationary bonus + bush bonus to fire the first shot. If possible try avoiding the usual arty locations and move to a location, from which you can spot the arty locations. Folterknecht: “Personally, I like to go into the offensive if possible with my arty during end game, when I’m the only survivor. Never underestimate the surprise factor - many players will freeze, panic or overlook you if you suddenly pop up outside of typical arty spots with aggressive attitude.” Also, some SPGs are able to side scrape. You can’t depend on it but it won me a few 1vs1s and even a Kolobanov’s medal. Many arty drivers try to defend around the corner. This is not the best idea in 1v1 situation when the enemy has a lot of time. Here is the end of a hard carry where the arty has no chance at all. Notice that HE deals a lot of damage even if you shoot the tracks or even the ground next to the SPG.





Last but not least, you’ll have to deal with those pesky scouts and other intruders. Not being in the usual arty spots on certain maps helps. If you see a lot of tomato scouts you can expect an early suicide rush so get behind solid cover and save the shell for the first to come around the corner. Experienced scouts tend to come later and there is not much you can do about them if they find you. Staying close to your team helps but is not always viable.


When you know somebody is coming, consider using camo or a one-way corner position. Also consider loading AP (if there is time) if it can pen and kill the target in cases when HE would be a gamble. This will often surprises heavy tanks, which often approach head on and don’t expect to be hit for a ton of damage.
If camo fails and there is nowhere to hide. Try to get as close as possible to the enemy and take hits if you can afford it. Many arty drivers “conserve HP” by taking a chancy shot but then die after missing it. Use your HP to buy you aiming/movement time and maximize your chance to hit.



When you are the last player on your team some players will hug you to prevent a win. Loading AP in these situations is generally a good idea but will get you reported for cheating. Another thing you should know about is a technique used by VERY experienced players when they put their long barrel in front of your barrel and cause you to shoot the barrel. This usually kills the arty with little damage to the other tank due to difference in armor and distance from the explosion.



Certain maps allow you to get to elevated positions from where you can snipe enemies below you using direct fire in arty view. This means you will have very good accuracy as well as shell travel time and will penetrate most your HE shells. The key here is knowing when these locations are safe and when you will get spotted. El Halluf D0 hill is a great spot to practice this but certainly not the only one. Note that not all arties can get to such position and with some the time would be a waste. The basic technique is using either huge distance to target or a bush to remain unspotted untill you fire. Start moving right after you fire  as you are very likely to get spotted in most positions.



The more dvanced and dangerous method aviable to some arties are "snap shots" where you expect to be spotted even before you fire. Only consider this if you have nothing elese to shoot, have a reasonably fast SPG, an escape route and a chance to deal substantial damage to the target. Use of auto aim is recommended.





  • XVM is a must. The WoT skill range is really wide so picking the right target is crucial. Now before all the unicums start raging, I’d like to add that an arty-aware unicum is really hard to hit and you’ll waste a few shots just to get a minor splash, which is a bad idea. Some of the good players, however, tend to exploit a single position and thus make excellent targets. 

    EDIT: I'm not promoting a unicum witch hunt here. Quite the opposite. I'm promoting shooting the WN8 farmers who exploit singular positions in whatever tank they are driving while abusing their teams as spotters. A lot of these can be recognized by high WN8 combined with low WR. They make easy targets as they are in fact not that good players and by killing them you can save your team a lot of HP with a single shell.

    The xvm minimap functions are also priceless.
  • I’d suggest one of the mods that allows you to zoom out a lot to better assess the situation. A good arty player doesn’t focus only on enemy HP but also knows the HP of his allies fighting those enemies. A low HP ally tends to pull enemies out of cover and is worth protecting etc.
  • Safe shot prevents you from shooting dead tanks and will save you from a long reload time to time especially when there is another arty player who doesn’t mark his targets.
  • Now the new Battle Assistant, which provides an alternative view upon pressing “G”, is a tricky one. First of all, WG admits it gives players and advanatge but they allow it so feel free to use it.  I don’t find it very useful when fighting moving vehicles, which is what I do most of the time. I only use it for stationary targets and for some tricky shots around cover, which I’d say is 1 in every 10 shots. If you need to put a shell through a window, under a bridge or inside the Himmelsdorf train station, this mod will make it work.
  • Fog remover is worth mentioning in combination with max zoom out, which allows you to see the whole map in 3D. It cerainly helps while looking for new positions.
  • Lastly, Jognt wrote the following mod: “A lot of the points you mentioned about communication can be sped up with a config I wrote for Locastans Radial Menu Mod. It has the normal radial options when not aiming at anything, a custom useful-for-every-tank menu when pressing ALT, and a host of custom made useful options when playing arty and aiming at an ally or enemy.”





  • I consider SPGs vital to the game yet I do think the whole concept should be improved
  • If you get artied a lot you are doing it wrong no matter what your XVM color is. Watch this guide if you struggle and then feel free to cry some more.
  • I would vote for a 1-2 SPGs per team limitation, I do not encourage people to play more arty and I welcome the WG decision not to introduce new SPGs.
  • I do not consider myself to be among the best arty players out there. This guide was originally written for a friend who just started playing arty after I realized there was no decent guide out there.
  • The guide sure could use improvements and perhaps corrections. I will consider any constructive suggestions. The usual "it sucks" comments do not help.
  • If you learned nothing from the guide, I'm sorry you wasted your time. However, please note, there are hundreds who contacted me because they liked the guide. These were mostly yellow and green players with ~10k games played so I don't think this is only for tomatos.





Please, remember that all the stuff above is not necessarily the best way of playing arty. There might be better ways I am not aware of and you might even discover them yourself. There is really very little info on playing arty so keep your eyes open and always strive to improve.


Even though I tried to cover every aspect of SPG gameplay, I still get a lot of questions in game chat the guide didn’t cover. I’m planning to cover individual maps in the near future at FTR. I currently have a team of three experienced arty players who are ready to review these maps before they go online. I'm currently looking for two more so if you have experience with moving your arty around the map as well as some decent results and some time to spare, do contact me and I'll give you all the details.
The guide is currently being translated into PL and FR. If you are interested in translating it into other languages, feel free and just send me the link when it's done. All the pictures can be downloaded by rightclicking them.


Anyway, take care for now and I’ll see you on the battlefield (from above).




Big thanks to Folterknecht, Mr.KV2 and Benny for extensive corrections and additions.
Special thanks to Dex and “Catman” for checking me stronk Inglisch.

Thanks to the pandas for not forcing me to pay 5k gold to each clan member (yet).
Thanks to SS and FTR for publishing this stuff
Thanks to all the people who supported me by sending a kind word or even gifts - I wouldn't be able to continue this guide without you.

Big thanks to SMR for permanently banning Xensation from F15 teamspeak.

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Xensation #4 Posted 31 December 2014 - 12:07 PM

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Seriously, do you need the attention or why do you post your junk 10 times in 3+ parts. For god's sake, please just stop it already.

coolathlon #5 Posted 31 December 2014 - 12:19 PM

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Keep it in one place. And do your homework reworking it.


Yes, it's a good introduction to new players to Arti. But too much nonsense for good players to improve.

_Jurassic #6 Posted 31 December 2014 - 12:22 PM


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Just l2p. You obviously have no idea how arty is ruining the game or you just dont want to admit it. 

Xensation #7 Posted 31 December 2014 - 12:23 PM

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You would expect him to put enough effort into fixing his errors before releasing it to public, considering how much time he put into taking screenshots, writing the walls of text, etc., but instead, because SS is clueless anyway, it was posted full of BS and now he dedicates another thread to his junk. Seriously... :facepalm:

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What kind of reaction are you going to expect by posting this crap onto the WoT official forums.

Seriously you post up on FTR how you were getting so much hate for posting that on there, and then all of a sudden its a good idea to post it here. :sceptic::facepalm:

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10/10 would neg again.

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So, basically, what you are advising is that we all insult the clickers, so that they target us all game long and our team wins with impunity?



Mirek_DaG0D #11 Posted 31 December 2014 - 01:09 PM

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Arty is just a way for wargaming to ensure that noobs always have a chance in this game. The insane amount of RNG this adds to battles and the fact that you have to explain total common sense crapevery tanker knows to arty players apparently just shows what scum is driving these.

Max_Calibre #12 Posted 31 December 2014 - 01:14 PM

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Tyraforce, thanks mate ignore the haters please an interesting article and if anything it gives many arty secrets away like how not to be 1 shot by an arty! which is obvious really but easy to forget in a slow big super heavy tank that 'owns' the map going hull down, yes has happened to me, many times and really is my fault for being predictable on the other hand iv never yet been hit in any of my Mediums by arty, a few times in my TD's exact same reason as in my heavies lol,


remove arty from the game and well why not remove all TD's as well? game wont be boring at all - will it?



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View PostXensation, on 31 December 2014 - 11:07 AM, said:

Seriously, do you need the attention or why do you post your junk 10 times in 3+ parts. For god's sake, please just stop it already.


Funny it's coming from a guy who likes to troll people for 2 days repeating a single word over and over again :-) Take your pills Xen.


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View PostTyraforce, on 31 December 2014 - 12:32 PM, said:


Funny it's coming from a guy who likes to troll people for 2 days repeating a single word over and over again :-) Take your pills Xen.



It's okay. I like how you almost cried when you joined our channel and complained to the admin. 10/10, would poke again.

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This Xensation kid is a funny one. He got retired from his own clan so now he frequents F15 Team Speak annoying everyone there. Now he got banned there as well so I'm wondering who is next. Oh, yeah, the forums. Thirty minutes after this guide was published Xen was here to reply. It's the same with FTR. I wish this special kid a happier life, one where he can crave his own happiness without throwing insults at everyone he meets.


As for his trolling, it's kinda weird when you are platooning in a channel having Xen blocked, he joins and starts typing his usual sad "fag... stuff". I was platoning with friends from WHO and HDU and got asked why we kept a ret... at our TS. It's really kinda annoying so I had him banned. Btw, I just noticed he has almost as many posts as he has battles. That guy needs some serious help.

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View PostTyraforce, on 31 December 2014 - 05:53 PM, said:

This Xensation kid is a funny one. He got retired from his own clan so now he frequents F15 Team Speak annoying everyone there. Now he got banned there as well so I'm wondering who is next. Oh, yeah, the forums. Thirty minutes after this guide was published Xen was here to reply. It's the same with FTR. I wish this special kid a happier life, one where he can crave his own happiness without throwing insults at everyone he meets.


As for his trolling, it's kinda weird when you are platooning in a channel having Xen blocked, he joins and starts typing his usual sad "fag... stuff". I was platoning with friends from WHO and HDU and got asked why we kept a ret... at our TS. It's really kinda annoying so I had him banned. Btw, I just noticed he has almost as many posts as he has battles. That guy needs some serious help.


1) I found this thread when I searched for my nickname in case there were more reactions after the FTR post.

2) You did not "have me banned". Dessy banned me for the lols of it and it was just for 6h. No big deal.

3) It's funny how you call me a lowlife, while you have played 26k battles in 17 months. That's roughly 51 battles each and every single day. On top of all that, you spent tons of time writing a huge guide and get offended on the internet. Thanks for making my day, bro.

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I aske Dec to ban you so you got banned...and cried. Man, we have that reaction of yours on the forums and it's pretty funny.  You're one of the kids who gets kicked and comes back thru the window so I don't expect you to stay away. I mean, each TS needs a "special" kid. I guess we have you but I'd much prefer you to go back and bother your old clan. Your trolling really bothers me as i have to explain to friends why we allow such tarsh on TS and I have to deal with similar kids in real life so I don't want to deal with them when relaxing.  EDIT: Xen just got permanently banned from F15 TS. Problem solved.


Ya, I spent my time playing games instead of bothering others on the forums after each game I play. It looks like you spend more time on the forums than in the game. I can't really tell from you smurf account how much you play but from skipping to tier 5 in all lines I guess you pay to pad pretty hard.

Anyway, I'm glad to be of use to hundreds of players who message me every day and I can sure deal with a few nutcases moaning on the forums.

I implemented almost all the suggestion and construcive criticism I recieved. I can't really do much about kids and their "your guide is sh..." comments.

So, take it easy, take your pills, grow up and try to have some fun which doesn't involve insulting others if you can. I mean we all called other kids names in the kindergarden but most of us grew up. Give it a shot.

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I aske Dec to ban you so you got banned...and cried. Man, we have that reaction of yours on the forums and it's pretty funny.  You're one of the kids who gets kicked and comes back thru the window so I don't expect you to stay away. I mean, each TS needs a "special" kid. I guess we have you but I'd much prefer you to go back and bother your old clan. Your trolling really bothers me as i have to explain to friends why we allow such tarsh on TS and I have to deal with similar kids in real life so I don't want to deal with them when relaxing.


Ya, I spent my time playing games instead of bothering others on the forums after each game I play. It looks like you spend more time on the forums than in the game. I can't really tell from you smurf account how much you play but from skipping to tier 5 in all lines I guess you pay to pad pretty hard.

Anyway, I'm glad to be of use to hundreds of players who message me every day and I can sure deal with a few nutcases moaning on the forums.

I implemented almost all the suggestion and construcive criticism I recieved. I can't really do much about kids and their "your guide is sh..." comments.

So, take it easy, take your pills, grow up and try to have some fun which doesn't involve insulting others if you can. I mean we all called other kids names in the kindergarden but most of us grew up. Give it a shot.


1) Dec banned me hours after your request when we had already sorted the issue. It was for the lulz, not because you asked for it.

2) "my old clan"? It's my current clan. I have no idea what you're on about.

3) I played about 20k battles since Aug 2011. That's roughly 16 - 17 battles per day.

4) You should write a guide about how sealclubbing is bad for stats. Lol.

5) I couldn't insult you if you didn't get offended, so it's your fault.


On a more constructive note, please give credit to everyone who sent you gifts and particularly friendly feedback. It's only fair to share with them.

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why would you make a guide for arty, when there are even more clueless players in Heavies/Meds/TDs or scouts god damn it..and also..why for artY?...its like the easiest class to play...point, click, wait for RNG to strike, profit..seriously..i even let my 10 yo cousin to play for the first time this game with an arty, and he managed to hit 6/11 shots dealing 4.2k of dmg..and he doesn't have any clue about the game at all..

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