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Impractical tank suggestions. Part III: Shermans

sherman 20mm Polsten DD sherman M4M

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WOTomatoSauce #1 Posted 06 January 2015 - 09:20 PM


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Additions to the Sherman.


Tank AA 20mm AA

A sherman with quad 20mm Polsten AA guns. I think this would make the Sherman an even better flank. It would act simmiler to the T-7 combat car or MK VIC light. with a clip of 30 or 60 shells. The gun is based on the Oerrlikon 20mm cannon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20_mm_Polsten so it would have simmiler performance. This is the best I could get http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/180561-20mm-guns-of-ww2/

"This was a licenced copy of the 20mm. Swiss Oerlikon automatic cannon.

(British Figures) Versus vertical FHRHA with AP-I:

40mm. @ 100 yards.
27mm. @ 500 yards.
18mm. @ 1,000 yards." -Panzergranate_


With this gun the Sherman will have to get close and use weak spots (or gold) but when it hits it will hit hard. (It might have to be a premuim with limited MM)


DD Sherman would be intresting on water maps, being able to float. But I see this being used by campers only to get to places other tanks can't.


Lastly on the wiki article was the M4M sherman. A sherman with the F-34 Gun. (the 76mm on the T-34). It seems like it might not exist. It dose not add anything to the game and I don't see it being used. (Unless we need a Russian med trainer)

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