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Strongholds dedicated RDDT7 is looking for players

RDDT7 Strongholds Reddit

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Mirukii #1 Posted 07 January 2015 - 10:13 PM

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Reddit's Strongholds dedicated clan is looking for capable players



If you want to prove your skills as a caller or just want do play Strongholds in a fun clan now is the time. It doesn't matter whether you just started playing World of Tanks or are a Veteran in the realms of EU1 & EU2. We are here to practice, have a good time and succeed. But keep in mind that while we haven't got skill requirements it is important that you participate in skirmishes and improve over time.



Requirements for joining RDDT7:

  • At least one Strongholds viable tier 6 and tier 8 tank.
  • Able to use TeamSpeak3 (owning a microphone would be of benefit).
  • A certain level of maturity is required.
  • Must be active.
  • Put your Reddit username in the application.


Please make sure that you have at least got one viable tier 6 and tier 8 tank before applying :)


Recommended tanks:

  • Tier VI (LT: T37, Type 64 | MT: Cromwell, VK 30.01 (D) | HT: T-150, M6, KV-85, KV-2 | TD: Hellcat, SU-100Y)

  • Tier VIII (LT: Ru 251, T49, AMX 13-90 | MT: T69, Obj 416, Pershing | HT: IS-3, 110, AMX 50-100, T32, Tiger II | TD: Rhm. Borsig, ISU-152)


Got you interested?


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