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What happens when you *try* to teach people things

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Thephantom13 #1 Posted 14 January 2015 - 12:03 PM


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So today i was in a game on sand river and was compalining that the team gave me no support such as Tiger H camping A1.So one guy in a STUG decides to call me a Keyboard warrior and says 1v1me.I say 1v1 i rek u.PM's me for a private battle.We go in with tier 8 mediums he has only 1 tier 8 Centurion MK.1 (His highest tier tank)I go in with my T69.I beat him fair and square but he ofcourse calls me hacker in the process.Reason being that i used the bush tactic where you use the bush then pull back 15m then shoot.We had a rematch where he picked Bulldog with autoloader and again same result.After that i wanted to teach him how to use the same trick but he kept banging on that i only won because i used autoloader.I told him to take the stick out of his *** and to pick his cent again so i can teach him.He said no way you autoloading ****.So i picked Type62 yet he still didnt want to, then left.Here's what happened next


Yep this is what happens when you try to teach *Average* cough* average players new tricks to help them become better :sceptic:

Hexen #2 Posted 14 January 2015 - 12:13 PM


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Love it,  some people just think they are better no mater what advice you try to give.  That guy was a muppet.  Lol. 
Well done for trying though. 

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