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clan activity per-hour

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vb64 #1 Posted 15 January 2015 - 07:02 PM


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Hi, All.


I'd like to attract the clan community's attention to the "Track daily and hourly clan activity" function in the "Clan control panel" web service.


For clans using paid modes ( "Basic" or "Premium" ), a summary of the clan's daily activity is available in the "Online" tab. The cell for each day on the calendar shows each clan member who has had at least one battle that day.  If you hover over the cell for a certain day, a tooltip will appear showing the clan members' average number of battles for that day.



If your clan uses free mode, you can try this function for free by turning on the "Basic" service mode for thirty days. To do this, the clan-leader or vice-leader needs to login on the clan panel site with their Wargaming OpenID and click "Free Trial" on the clan page. If the clan has already used a trial period, this feature is unavailable.


For clans using "Premium" mode, online information about the clan's hourly online activity is also available in the "Online" tab.


For each hour of the current and previous day, this chart shows the number of clan members who have had battles in this hour. The chart is updated at the beginning of every hour.



A similar graph can be seen for any day in the past, starting from the moment the clan starts using "Premium" mode. For this, click on the chosen day on the calendar in the "Online" tab.


If you click on the hour column in the chart, you can see the list of players, who have had battles during that hour.  Player's names in that list are links through which you can view an hourly chart of the chosen player's battles for that day. The chart's bars represent the number of the player's battles for each hour.



Additionally, a similar chart for the present and previous days is available in the "Online" tab of the data section of the player's account.


For "Premium" mode, with access to hourly activity tracking, a trial period is unavailable. However, you can try out this feature by visiting the demo site, where this information is available publicly for a predefined set of clans.


Thank you for your attention.


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