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Youtbe Channel; Gold

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Impiety86 #1 Posted 29 January 2015 - 09:50 PM


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LIVE STREAM / 50,000 GOLD raffle to viewers / premium vehicle IS 6 / 7x7 Premium Day



Hello dear viewers and audience,


Welcome you the Panzer Generals : STURM_ONE / Impiety86 / DCTWCDT



In today's video , we would like to invite you to our first live stream where we are giving away 50,000 gold

to our viewers in the course of the stream , and a premium vehicle IS- 6 and still 7x7 premium days .


To get the gold you'll just have to join our Stream and you need to post your Nickname.

Each Time we deal more than 2000 damage to the Enemy someone in the Channel will get 1000 Gold.

If we deal more than 4000 Damage 2x Viewers will get 1000 Gold. Of course at 6000 Damage

we will give away 3x 1000 Gold. We will select the winners during the live stream.


To get the premium days or for IS- 6 you have to stay until the end

because this will be raffled off at the end .



As a bonus action you can send us good jokes and if we like the joke we read this in the

stream and the audience gets 500 gold from us .


Link to our youtube channel is :





The link of our live stream on Saturday by 19 clock is :



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