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Big map for scouts only

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_Bajkal #1 Posted 31 January 2015 - 12:03 AM


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Big map like 2 times bigger than Murovanka/Prokhorovkaa and in the style like those two some open space, destructible buildings, lots of small hills and valleys, only light tanks and in separate mode like team battles or stronkholds(xp and credits earning like in random battles) and only +-1 tier


Latter new maps could be added if that mode would be liked by players and other features(or maybe not since not always more means better)


Not sure if something like this was proposed before, I could not find anything like this.


After a few team battles only with light tanks it was great fun to fight vs enemy light tanks running across the whole map:)


I imagine it would be even better with 15 tanks and bigger maps. The idea Is good since most maps are hard to have fun with light tanks in random battles and in team battles its not always like that since you still may get Himmelsdorf vs enemy team that consist 6x IS3 and KW-2...


Tell what you think

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pie_eater #2 Posted 31 January 2015 - 05:48 PM

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I think this would work with 2.5Kmmaps, with 10 players each side and Fog of War feature.


The only downside is imagine all the T49s running around derping everyone to pieces. :arta:

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