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Decent player looking for good platooning

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Boink1760 #1 Posted 01 February 2015 - 05:59 PM


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Hello fellow tankers,


After a couple of years of pub-only battles, i am thinking about joining a clan to do the personal missions that require a lot of platooning. I looked at the general chat for some time, but i haven't quite seen that much regular players who i can trust to do multiple platoongames. Of course i am also more then willing to assist other players achieving their missions.


What i have to offer

1: Multiple years of experience. I won't give you a blurry look when you talk about hull down, angling, situational awareness and the good positions on any map. No, i am not a unicorn and yes, I once in a while do something stupid like falling of a cliff and drowning my dumb [edited]. But when i am not playing 'Free Willy', i am usually not the tank you want to see popping up in your screen.

2: A wide variety of tier 2-9 tanks. I am the type of player that likes multiple play styles. One day i might blaze around in my AMX1390, the next sit very still in a bush with the RHM. I also like my french arty.

3: Decent allround stats for someone that does not have premium or gold ammo.

4: I don't have teamspeak, but i can chat in english, dutch and german.

5: More then willing to give some training to beginners.


FAQ: 'Dont you have a tier 10?'. Answer: Not at the moment. I used to have an E100. Didn't like the fact that my grandmother could pen that LFP with her fake teeth. Besides that: as I said i do not use premium, nor premium shells. So a loss with a tier 10 is big creditbleeder. I don't want to play WOT just to sustain my tier 10's.


What i am looking for

1: A clan that is somewhere in the middle between '20 sec suicide yolo' and 'OMFG all players MUST stay awake till 03.00 in the middle of the night because another clan might just attack us and take away our precious piece of online generated pixels'.

2: Most importantly: a clan that consist of a bunch of just average/decent players that also have a life and try to do their best (which in my textbook means A: don't die in 20 seconds and B: at least do your best to do the smart thing), so we can all complete the many missions that forces us to platoon.


If you think your clan is a good place for me, please respond below.


Kind regards,



Helmutson #2 Posted 01 February 2015 - 07:39 PM


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Hi Boink1760,

that sounds to me that you will fit our community. Have a look:



If that fits, fell free to join us !




Kalkalash #3 Posted 01 February 2015 - 07:58 PM

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Hi Boink1760


Villains Unleashed [CRIME] is a casual international clan that currently focuses mainly on platooning. Once we grow larger, we plan to expand into strongholds and CW as well. Don't despair however if these do not interest you, participation is voluntary and you won't called bad names just because it doesn't happen to be your cup of tea. We have a wide variety of players, everything from professional seal clubbers to high tier players. This means that you'll fit easily and you'll won't be having a hard time finding a similar platoon mate to help you out in your missions.


Everybody loves a hero, but nobody forgets a villain. Would you like to be remembered?


scrontch #4 Posted 01 February 2015 - 09:11 PM

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Hi, check out:

 Signal Spike [SPIKE]

We should fit the bill quite nicely!

We play platoons (all tiers) and stronghold/skirmish (mainly t6, occasionally t8) on a regular basis.

No obligations, no Teamspeak, 100% freestyle!
No CW.

Just a bunch of international, casual, above-average players with a desire to win.

_DeathWing_ #5 Posted 01 February 2015 - 09:26 PM

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Ello there Boink1760,


Total Oblivion is a Clan that puts making friends and enjoying the game first.!!

It has become funny how many other casual clans now  copy our recruitment format of " casual yet competitive " Its a hard line to walk but we think we do it well.


If you want to have strict rules and regulations regarding how you play your game then I am afraid we are not the Clan for you... We are however interested in playing the game well and we have a solid player base who are active, keen and sociable.

What you can hope to gain from joining [-T-O-] :-

- We are part of a gaming community that was founded in 2003

- Friendly environment

- Active members

- Relaxed or serious Platoons are easy to find.

- Organised competitive play when YOU want it

- Regular 7 v 7’s.

- Regular Stronghold Skirmishes( over 70% win rate )

- We enter every  tournament that comes up

- Access to a dedicated TS3 server. Numerous channels for multiple platoons etc to be running.

- A fair chance for promotion is available to all members above recruit rank. We are not an " Old Boys Club"

- T.O.mato School Sunday night training for those who want help.

A community Forum,
Facebook page,

Steam Group,

YouTube channel 


.Our joining requirements:-

1: Minimum current win rate of 50% or recent 52%
2: Average of 50 battles a month
3: Minimum current  WN8 of 1100 or recent 1300
4: Minimum 2000 battles
5: Maturity - operating at a level of 18+
6: Register with our forums and acknowledge the rules/conduct thread.


Optional requirements for Team events

Our competitive play is organized, planned and managed on the fourms, For that reason to take part in team events  you would need to use Teamspeak, be Forum active and have one or more of the following :-
 KV-85 / T150/  Hellcat / T37 / IS-3 / 110 / AMX1390 or AMX50100


Member requirements

1:Post on our forums a massive .. wait for it .. a massive FOUR TIMES a YEAR.

2:Inform us when you will be inactive for 2 weeks or more.



Happy with the requirements?

Simply click HERE and apply

Or got questions then contact our Recruitment officers  Dofolo, Aqual0 or me :P  OR ANY officer here or in game.


All new members are on a 1 month trial as a recruit before becoming a full member.




The Total Oblivion command team.

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wilky130 #6 Posted 01 February 2015 - 10:02 PM

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PM Happily sent Boink1760.

daitcho #7 Posted 01 February 2015 - 10:20 PM


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Hey Boink, I had to laugh when I read your post because your requirements look almost exactly like our recruitment post, please check us out here, http://forum.clanflog.com/index.php?/topic/498-want-to-join-us-read-here/  We do the whole shooting match, training, strongholds, team battles, platoons, Clan wars, you name it and you only play when you can. if this sounds good let us know and we will sort it.

Joggaman #8 Posted 02 February 2015 - 02:54 AM

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Btw, we have many "decent" players, even if they maybe don*t always behave that way!:B


Good luck, and happy tanking!

Kuscka #9 Posted 02 February 2015 - 08:14 AM

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PM sent, see you soon :honoring:

Boink1760 #10 Posted 02 February 2015 - 12:15 PM


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Thanks for all the replies and DM's. I have found a clan, so this topic can be closed.

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