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3BORG Reqruiting

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Webel_Nerfer #1 Posted 02 February 2015 - 10:16 AM


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Hello everyone!


3BORG used to be an old Hungarian player based clan, but since I got it's command, I want to make huge reforms! First of all, I want to collect skilled and pro players, who can speak English and willing to take part in clan actions, while using Teamspeak 3! My tanks are not so amazing right now, but it is because it's my secondary account. The main one is in a famous successful clan, playing CWs in Europe, winning prizes and so on! I'm aware of what I'm doing trust me! I want to build a community like that on my own!


To not just tell fairy tales, I'd like to tell you why it would woth you to join... When we manage to put up CW teams, and farm some gold from the global map, I'll pay out equal amount of gold from treasury everyone, who took part in CW battles. I would like to do it the same way it goes on my main account, which means, the clan collects specified amount of gold, and from then on, every CW player gets his payment! If we have enough players, and start playing CWs, I'll figure out, what that amount should be!



  • WN8: 1800+
  • W/L ratio: 55%+
  • TS3 + Mic.
  • English Language
  • Activity

Right now I am desperately looking for players, who meet the requirements above!

Volunteers for special clan tasks, are even more welcome! I think about recruiting, field commanders, stronghold commander here!


I know, right now it's not the best, but every clan has to start it somewhere! If you give me your trust, and help me build up my awesome community, I'll give you my trust, beside gold! :)




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