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looking for clan....new(ish) player looking to get better

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Klubfumble #1 Posted 07 February 2015 - 06:20 AM


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Spoke to a guy called AARHAND (i think..sry if i spelt it wrong,me bad :P )


i play for fun( i CAN play serious but feel not to..its only a game!) Winning? Yea i like to win.But as i said,winning it not important. A team that dose well,preforms well,acts well..That is MY goal.

I dont want to enter major championships (tho it would be nice lol ) I just wanna work with my team to kill them all.Oh, and have fun :P


Whilst i`m relativly new to the game,i am picking it up fast. I`m trying new things on my own. Learning from my mistakesbut tactivly seeking targets.Unless i die ofc lol

Note: i AM reading Wiki on things. I learn, then try and put it into action



anyways,doing ok..i think.


stats :


games : 348

Victories (52.01%

DMG ratio : 0.98

AVG DMG: 110

Max teir so far :T3

i try and play scouts mostly (hence the low dmg).

i can play support with Arty and TD`s. (tho my TD (Marder II) has little veiw range, :( )))


tanks i have are



Loyd GC*

Marder II

Pz Ausf C (the little fast one lol )

Pz II*


* = fully upgraded, elite tank

i`m working on improving my spotting skills + evasion. though that is difficult given the maps i play on(random maps), and the slower speeds of my team mates. add my low armour (specially for the PC II C).


I`m not perfect, i have my flaws. but with a bit of help i can acheive...oh just gimme some cake and i`ll be happy hehehehe


i`m being polite here(cos of the rules etc). but in game i have a very weird sense of humour that most dont get..this makes me happy hahahahaha


invite if you wish to try new blood.


I understand its asking alot. Ppl`s time and energy are wasted IF i fail to make the "grade". I hope i dont dissapoint :)


BTW... i dun mind being cannon fodder hehehehehe. mobile barrier anyone? hahahahaha



If you think you`d like to give me a try then you can find me on EU 1 or 2. 


Remember,the other guy is a dead guy :)

VDMMAN #2 Posted 07 February 2015 - 11:18 AM

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pm sent

Spe4rm4n #3 Posted 07 February 2015 - 12:27 PM


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You are welcome to join my clan, ESTMS

SickWeePuppy #4 Posted 07 February 2015 - 02:20 PM


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Hello mate, -D-A- are recruiting at the moment, we are a new clan and we play just for fun at the moment, we have TS3 and a facebook group too, we are all British but welcome anyone who speaks English and can use TS3. i think you would fit in well here. Send Mooncatt a PM on here or PM me ingame for an invite.

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