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A-44: Wow!

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MR_FIAT #41 Posted 28 January 2016 - 09:40 AM


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A-44 is my favourite medium by far, so much fun racing around with and slapping stuff for 300 alpha.

Isharial #42 Posted 28 February 2016 - 01:59 PM


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I absolutely hate this tank:

terrible gun depression

horrific accuracy

supposed 167mm pen, seems more like 10mm, bounces off the rear end of an O-NI at 50m?


is there anything good about it?


it cant flank because its accuracy and gun depression limit it even in that role

it cant snipe because its accuracy could miss the side of a barn fully aimed

it cant scout because of its camo rating

it cant brawl either, lack of gun depression means brawls only on flat land, and armour means you wont bounce anything reliably, its also not fast enough to circle other tanks, even slower TD....

it appears to be completely useless at everything? what can it do?


I just want to get the obj 416 researched before I sell this dogcrap again....

Quintuss #43 Posted 28 February 2016 - 10:16 PM

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View PostClarrissa_the_Third, on 28 February 2016 - 01:59 PM, said:

it appears to be completely useless at everything? what can it do?


I just want to get the obj 416 researched before I sell this dogcrap again....




Got mine a few days ago and while i don't like it at all there are far worse tanks to do the dailys in (hello Challenger). A44 is simply ram first, then shoot. for me. Horribly inefficent? Yes, but i play WoT for fun and if i won't like playing the tank normally i rather play it like a maniac and have fun during the grind.

tnk_x5000 #44 Posted 29 February 2016 - 08:59 AM

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It is normal to be hated. This tank has no good reason to work, yet in my hands it does work and I love it. Still, I find it hard to call for buffs on this tank, despite being easy for me to explain all the problems. Problems, that all get flushed away when thous 300 points of damage start rolling.

Try to play it unconventionally, try different things, experiment. The tank is nothing like any other medium tank in the game, thus it requires a unique play style. Having a "normal medium" mindset does not work with this tank, you need a different mindset. I suggest you to get the hang of side-scraping and bloom-control, search for places with even terrain and places where terrain doesn't cause you problems. It is a tank requiring certain skills, rather than overall skill.

And I must note - my profile's RNG is strangely blessed. A-44 does snap shots at 100-200 meters like it has 0.35 base accuracy.


I love my A-44, It is one of the reasons I really love tier 7. Making penetrations with that 107 mm shells never gets old. Yet, I still can't fully say how I enjoy it so much, because I think there are more cons that pros. Guess I am that much of a fan of the always relevant mobility.

Isharial #45 Posted 29 February 2016 - 12:53 PM


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I have noticed it "can" snipe when you least expect it, killed a t54 with it at 300m without even letting it aim :facepalm:


it does have nice mobility but its useless when the gun bounces off things it really shouldn't, bounces off the front of Cromwell seem the most common... (and i don't mean just one shot, i can take 3 4 5 shots at it and all will bounce!, my T5 meds don't have that kind of unluckiness)

I did change how I played after a few games, I now follow the heavies and try flanking them, or just distracting them, however even T8's pose a threat, specially the IS-6

the bloom doesn't concern me much, is more accuracy once fully aimed... it always work backwards, snap shot and you'll hit, let it aim and its like the gunner got bored and wandered off!


300 damage really doesn't look like much if im honest, i don't think ive ever managed to "scare" someone with it, they all know the tank has bad accuracy fully aimed and just rush it, at to which point, your dead before your reload finishes

much prefer faster reloads but the T5 gun on this tank is not an option, don't even know why its a choice to mount, 112mm pen vs T9?


i don't think keeping this tank is beneficial for me, its useless even in a good game, the best ive managed is about 2k damage, which is pretty pathetic at T7.......


any advice on the equip? so far i run rammer, GLD and vents, but my average per battle is only 600 or so, which is pants :confused:  i did try bino's net and rammer, that didn't work, but i got some ok spotting damage (mostly 1k to 2k region) so im wondering whether to switch to optics, GLD and vents, which might be more useful?


TeknoOdin #46 Posted 06 May 2016 - 10:17 PM


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I have played 23 matches and having 70% win rate with this one.

Maybe i´m lucky as i am not an good player but i play as an aggressor with it and it often surprising the enemy.

With right surroundings and backup it can be lethal.

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FluffyRedFox #47 Posted 15 May 2016 - 10:45 PM


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I hate this tank - It has a Russian gun without the Russian accuracy. No gun depression, the stats on paper lie (it could be good if it had 150mm all over the front),the rear turret makes it awkward to play with and its an idiot magnet. I really wanted the Object 430 but I'm going to the T62a instead because of this tank.

Hardass #48 Posted 28 June 2016 - 12:18 PM

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I am having a love hate relationship with the A-44 i love the tank its great fun i am hating the matches i am getting in it.


Love having comets come after me with their little pop guns ok i'll take 3-4 shot of them but after 2 shots off The 107mm they sharp run.


And thats the secret to this tank get it into a situation that makes the gun shine and you will love it its derpy and due to the Semi rare nature of the A-44 players don't realise what you about to shoot at them until its too late and by that time they either have to fight or run away taking more shots. 

Bob_Mackenzie #49 Posted 28 June 2016 - 01:13 PM


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Having lived with the tank for a while I find it awesome for the most part. The trick to it is to play super aggressively - but not right at the start...


(Disclaimer I'm far from being a unicum so this is an average player's guide)


At the start of the game there are three choices


1) hang back an snipe (yes i know the gun is rubbish at it)

2) if you have coated optics (I do) scout on maps that allow active scouting

3) if the enemy is suicide scouting you are fast enough to case them down and ram them to death


Once there are gaps in the enemy line - go for it


In the go for it stage momentum is key. The A-44's accelleration sucks but its top speed is good. make sure you have a good run up (preferably down hill) before breaking cover.


The A-44 turns an circles like a pro so thats a vaid approach if there is space for it


Otherwise this tank is the ramming king - just be aware that kills your momentum so be careful there are not too many enemy around





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