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Vk1602h Leopard

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Evilsod #21 Posted 31 July 2011 - 01:11 AM


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View PostHallys, on 30 July 2011 - 06:17 PM, said:

DO NOT use camo net on Leopard. u are a scout. Actually if u not enjoiyng being a scout do not buy anything for it. Leopard can be pain in the ass for med tanks, cos of this speed and own when matchmaking puts him to top. Got my first "steel wall" achievement with him. 6vs1 and I killed them all while being in open. Lower tier shots bounce like nothing, and even meds are under pressure when Leopard is in the game. As for all tanks, dont buy if u cant afford 75% crew. Leopard is the best scout (on german side) and he is the best at it. Right now Im on tier 5 on german tanks (leveling all- TD-s mediums, arty), but I always look is there a leopard on enemy side, if yes I know we have troubles. As for all tanks,  u need to learn how to play them and since the game is free try to enjoy it.
Leopard have speed, he have small body, he can bounce.
Upgrade engine and tracks first and u can make it to another tier like nothing. All German tanks have bad matchmaking, cos of tiers. russians and americans can have heavy tanks in tier 5 while germans can have them at tier 7. Wait for arty/TD-s get in position, then rush. Do not stop to shoot, just revile them and XP is coming.

I agree, don't use camo net on the Leopard... but your reasons suck. Scout does not mean suicidal scouting, ie, the only way to get the Scout award. Scout normally means sitting in a bush spotting, however the Camo Net won't help you get into said bush which is the hardest part.

Even Harder part is figuring out where the hell you can actually park. Most maps offer absolutely nothing.

Cannoncarl #22 Posted 31 July 2011 - 03:10 AM

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The camo net has it's uses while your crew is still low in training.

Also you don't need to move all the time. Just hide at those places where you know the enemy WILL come along. You arty will be happy you're there (unseen).

PzPionier #23 Posted 31 July 2011 - 08:17 PM

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Which mods you prefer instead?

In a perfect world i would go for optics, binoculars and vent, but as i dont have much credits right now im using camo net/binos/vent.

Arkhell #24 Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:01 AM

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using camonet untill crew has 100% camo then i will switch it to coated optics.

got binocs and vent as other mods on it atm.

GrimVictor #25 Posted 01 August 2011 - 11:07 AM


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Leopard is most deffinatly worth getting. Fast and easy money, but do remember; This is not a tank made for killing. The gun is crap! You can deal damage to SPG's and other Light tanks but not heavy tanks.
On my Leopard I use Spall Liner, Ventilation and Camoflage net. (If im not mistaken you cant buy the +10% performance of ground, which should be changed out for Spall Liner.)
Camoflage net + 100% camo skill on crew = detection 45m - 50m by other tanks if you hide in a bush. Actually had one situation where enemies had to get up on me about 10m before they could spot me because I was hiding in a bush.
And that is exactly what leopards are for; Hide and keep the enemies spotted.

Lupusceleri #26 Posted 04 August 2011 - 04:08 PM

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Yup, keeping the enemy spotted is all you should do.. don't try to shoot yourself.

And that's why I love El Halluf. Brilliant map for scouts once you know what to do, even in games against tier 9 tanks.


Battle: El Halluf donderdag 4 augustus 2011 16:41:16
Vehicle: VK 1602 Leopard
Experience received: 1.860 (doubled for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 19.417
Battle Achievements: Scout

14 targets spotted. Slow and careful driving, no suicide run. Got a Wespe, a Löwe, a KV, an ISU-152, a SU-8, and a S-51 killed all because of snipers shooting the crap I'd lit for them. The rest at the very least got damaged from being lit by me. :P

The only one that didn't get lit was their Hummel. He was in the back of the base behind a hill (K5 K6). :D

NoobyMcNoobCake #27 Posted 05 August 2011 - 10:56 PM


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I had leo for ages. I used coated optics, ventilation and small spall. In t4 matches (about 5% of matches you get put it) I can regualy get 4-7 kills. My best is 9 and that included 3 t-28s, a herzer. But team was so shit they all died and we still lost. In 1v1 i think leo would come out on top Vs all other T4s. Its armour bounces more shots than it should hell I even bounced shot from IS4 once. Its armour is thick for its tier + It is the 2nd fastest but most mobile tank in the game + 400m viewrange. If you get de tracked you have less than 3 seconds to live and even if you repair your tracks your going so slow your going to die anyway. I had a lot of fun with it and got 40k free xp on it too.

Another tip is to NEVER frontal charge arty. He will see you and he WILL one shot you. In 6.7 there is also a new t5 leo coming out so you might want to see what thats like. Expect it to have a 5.5cm autocannon so you can one burst those nasty hummels and S-51s

azakow #28 Posted 07 August 2011 - 10:34 AM


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leo leo leo ! :)

View PostEvilsod, on 31 July 2011 - 01:11 AM, said:

Even Harder part is figuring out where the hell you can actually park. Most maps offer absolutely nothing.

I totally agree with that, it will kill you alot. Once you know where to go the recon medal will be yours!

Knowing what leo can do, I'm very impressed by top notch players (like tin_lemming) using a M3 or M5.

This made me buy them, cause their extremly small footprint makes each map a totally new terrain for scouts.

A hint on screw skill: at 1st go for cammo, then for repair.
The commo net, coated visuals and binos make it a scout.
Moreover you should understand the battle mechanics, like commo becomes active after 2 seconds, and 500m distance objects are only scanned every 5 seconds.
These 5 sec can be ages, but allows u to sometimes sit middle of the open to help your "blind" TD's (mostly in lower tiers).

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