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[RSWS]: Royal Steel Warriors Squadron - Recruiting Now!

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GrumblingGrenade #1 Posted 12 February 2015 - 08:23 PM


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[RSWS]: Royal Steel Warriors Squadron

"Laughing is the Best Way to Play!"

Hello, and welcome to the official recruiting page of the English-speaking clan [RSWS]: Royal Steel Warriors Squadron! 


Firstly, on behalf of the entire clan, we would all like to say "thank you" for taking the time to visit our clan recruiting page. We all really appreciate it here at [RSWS]! So, without further ado, let's get started, and tell you the basics of our clan!


The Clan - A Brief Overview...

"Welcome to the English speaking-clan [RSWS]! This clan is all about undertaking some serious business against the enemy. 

As like any other clan, this one has some general rules that will speak for themselves:


  • The preferred language in the clan is English.
  • Being nice to clan members is highly recommended.
  • Don't destroy the game for others with your rage. Act like a grown-up.


After reading these simple rules, you'll be able to enjoy your stay, (or if you still don't understand the rules, we suggest you read them again and again! ^^)

Be it serious battles, or just doing nothing in the training rooms, have fun and good luck on the field Commander!" - Taken from our official clan page: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500017246/.


As a clan, we will often do training rooms for messing about in and the occasional Skirmish too, though we are fairly relaxed and enjoy having a good and fun time! Stats? Unimportant! We don't mind if you're a Tomato or a SuperUnicum; we're all here to have fun! Though, don't get me wrong, we do play serious clan games every so often, for those of you who like a little "inter-clan" action, however, we are currently not active bearing regards to Clan Wars, (this may change in the future). Like most other clans, we do have a Stronghold, which is gradually growing, though prowess in this field is not our main priority! Most of the time, we play for fun, and the amount of popular training rooms run by our military personnel only emphasizes this point!


Our Stronghold...

Below is an image of our Stronghold and its buildings. We'd all agree in saying that it isn't the most impressive of them all, but it is growing!




Our Personnel...

[RSWS] has a mixture of some of the friendliest players on the EU servers. Our clan Commander, MikeMilano, is a very kind, generous and gracious player, and none of our clan members will ever confront each other or verbally attack one another. All of us here at [RSWS] are friendly, kind, and each of us enjoys a good ol' muck about in a training room. I have to say, since my time in the clan, I have been amazed at how pleasant each of our clan members is. As a Recruitment Officer, the one condition we must swear by is to "...not recruit any douches..." and that's a fact! [RSWS] is a completely "douche-free" clan; full of genuinely pleasant players! If you're looking for a laugh or a good time in WoT, then the friendly personnel here at [RSWS] will be sure to fulfill your needs!


Want to Join? Get in Touch!

If you're convinced, and you want to join the clan, just say so here in this thread! As a Recruitment Officer, I can accept applications from those of you who are not overly aggressive and are here to have fun! WoT is, after all, a game, and [RSWS] will accept all players other than the obnoxious. If you want to contact us privately, send either MikeMilano, our clan Commander, or myself a PM. (Private Message). Or visit our clan page, at http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500017246/, to make an application or to contact any other of our lovely members!


On behalf of all the military personnel at [RSWS], we would like to thank you for your time, and hopefully, we'll see you on the battlefield soon!

Many thanks from...


"Laughing is the Best Way to Play!"



EDIT: I am no longer a member of [RSWS]. Nevertheless, this is still a brilliant clan full of lovely players, and I strongly recommend that you send an application to MikeMilano, or one of the other higher-ranking clan members, if you're looking for a fun clan that does do the infrequent serious game!

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